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Post by Ailim » 14 May 2019, 22:22

PaganAid is a small charity run by volunteers. We want to help people meet their basic needs through living in harmony with nature. We do this by funding small-scale projects that help poor and marginalised communities to protect and develop their own livelihoods and the environment about them – projects that put equal value on ending poverty and protecting Mother Earth.

Since 2017 we have helped raise money for:

Patrick McCullom India Project
Himalayan Permaculture Centre
Black Flag’s relief work in Puerto Rico

At Beltane Pagan Aid launched its next crowd funding campaign to raise £500 for Sea AES (pronounced Sea Ice). Sea AES are working on a project to protect the environment around the Hudson Bay. Please help us support this worthy cause via our crowdfunding page:

More details on our charity work, membership scheme and general donations, please go to

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