General list of things you can do for Mother Earth

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Re: General list of things you can do for Mother Earth

Post by Narmo » 05 Jun 2019, 20:23

A Whole Person Response to Ecological Catastrophe

Eat less meat and more vegetables.
Try growing some of your own food.
Consider buying organic and/or local food.
Stop smoking.
Wear natural fibres.
Treat your body with respect. You are part of nature too. Get enough sleep, drink water, play.
Limit time spent on electronic devices.

Regularly spend time in natural places – daily if possible.
Learn to connect to the plants and animals in your area.
Celebrate the passing of seasons.
Take time to appreciate the beauty around us.

Become acquainted with rules of zero waste life and use them.
Educate yourself about the climate, ecology and pollution.
Study the natural world in the place where you live. Really get to know nature.

Avoid associating with emotional vampires.
Practice self care.
Practice non-violence.
Avoid blaming and shaming others.
Give yourself space to grieve our losses and then get busy again.
Create small measurable goals so you can appreciate success.

Decolonize your lifestyle and all of your relations.
Vote for people who really care about nature.
Lobby local politicians to achieve 100% renewable energy (or whatever issue affects your community).
Pressure companies to clean up their act.
Avoid vehicles powered by fossil fuels. Walk, use bicycles or share public transportation. Avoid air travel.
Participate in petitions, activist groups, demonstrations.
Volunteer with a group that protects a local habitat. Restore, repair or rehabilitate local green areas.
Pick up and remove trash left in wild spaces.
Reduce or eliminate your use of plastic.
Share your knowledge.
Promote regenerative agriculture. Avoid or eliminate the use of pesticides and herbicides.
Protect the wild spaces that remain.
Treat water as a non-renewable resource.
Be a good ally to those who enjoy less power than you.
Buy fewer clothes.
Support your local public library.
Learn to share instead of buy.

Want to help Nature, but don't know where to start? Look here: ... atastrophe

Lyla June

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