Fukushima - we should be talking about this

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Fukushima - we should be talking about this

Postby mabby » 05 Feb 2014, 18:40

I am surprised that I don't find some discussion somewhere on the board about Fukushima and what our beloved Earth is going through. You can find oodles of info on the web and on Youtube, so please check it out. The Elementals need our help, our energy, which we have learned to summon and send through the LBE. They need a LOT of help. The Pacific ocean is in dire need of help, as it is dying very swiftly due to the large amounts of radiation still flowing into the sea from the diseaster at Fukushima, Japan. Please, don't waste energy trying to lay blame for this crisis, right now we just need to focus our energies and help. I know this seems simplistic, but I believe that if each of us would spend just 4 minutes during the LBE send energy and gratitude and love to those beings trying to undue this horrific damage it would help them. The media in the US has remained mostly silent on this subject, but do your research and decide for yourself just how serious this is and how we can help. If anyone has other ideas, please share here.

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Re: Fukushima - we should be talking about this

Postby Aphritha » 06 Feb 2014, 18:06

It doesn't surprise me US media isn't talking about it; they tend to brush serious issues under the rug. Can't have people worrying, after all... :roll:
But, the US should be worried. Though mainstream culture tends to be disconnected from the idea of 'the world' beyond the US directly, the devestation of this disaster is indeed hitting home. From what I've learned, the west coast beaches are becoming radioactive. There was even snow that was found to be radioactive in Missouri recently! Missouri is in the middle, so the damage is far reaching. Very scary indeed...
I will do the exercise you suggest, mabby. :)

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