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Stone energy, Merlin, and Coral Castle

Posted: 18 Apr 2016, 04:39
by omegafold
I have long studied and discovered many purely natural and logical facts of particle physics, how it relates to sacred geometry, and all subjects relating to anti-gravity, zero point energy, and even health in relation to zero point fields.
Only recently was it discovered ; more stones around Stonehenge. I was wondering when they would. See; Merlin made 3 such stone monuments/time keepers/ mediation centers... but these were all something more.
First, you must understand the secret to zero point. Then, you must understand how certain forms induce 'wave compression' during an added pulse wave orbit situation. If only Edward Leedskalnin had more room and more time, he would have no doubt, made such stone arrangements.

In matters of health, achieved best by aid of meditation; excluding mid range mass elementary particles (mesons) from any space, defines the climb to superconductivity and crystalline space- : This is where d.n.a. or r.n.a. will climb faster with less resistance and less mistakes. I say climb, because it is like climbing Jacob's ladder, quite literally. It is what heals..makes one live longer. Mayans knew this. Too bad I can't post an image here. I have an old Mayan artifact image depicting a man laying below the heavy positive ion drain field falling from the drive of a saucer above.

High on a mountaintop, maybe someone here knows the place, lay a ring of stones. Inside, you wont get any gps or electronic device to work properly. There is a natural energy here, resulting from the pulse discharge orbit among the dielectric mediums.
But what does this mean to any of us here?
Can we build such a thing in our backyards?
Well, yes! Orgaonite is very similar to stones, but uses less volume to do the same thing. Too bad epoxy is so expensive. I suppose one could melt it all together with milk jugs instead.
I'll have to keep this short; so long story short; I reverse engineered Edward Leedskalnin's machine, which anyone would be quite able to use for moving stones over 20 , perhaps 30 tons. It all depends on the equipment. His knowledge of that device came from Giza, and is held in a book still in the Vatican's secret library.
But who needs the Vatican to understand the world around us? Not I.

Without a doubt, machines such as these are the secret to quickly reaching great levels of spiritual power with the help of mediation; for inductive positive energy is nothing without control of the channels to guide negative energy.

Re: Stone energy, Merlin, and Coral Castle

Posted: 18 Apr 2016, 09:04
by Heddwen
Interesting thoughts. Welcome to the OBOD Board :)