May '08 Seminar: The Medicine Wheel

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Re: May Seminar: The Medicine Wheel

Post by DaRC » 19 May 2008, 14:27

Hi Donata,
phew - finally got round to reading this :o
Thanks for your fab additional info' on the directions and correspondences - as you say it's great to understand other perspectives for the correspondences. It provides great insight into a differenct, yet similar, worldview.

For me I shall stick to the western correspondences as they come from the land I live and so there is a natural fit.
Cheers, Dave.
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Re: May Seminar: The Medicine Wheel

Post by Donata » 19 May 2008, 15:55

Hi Dave,

You can easily adapt the practical work of the Wheel to the Western circle or wheel if you wish. Different emphasis, but still works!

East - beginnings, decisions - ideas, imagination - the mind
South - Will - creativity, bringing to maturity, etc.
West - Emotions, intuition, going within to work on whatever the situation is.
North - manifesting on the mundane level (body)

For me, the Medicine Wheel is more the path of the heart, and the intuitive right brain, while the Western Wheel or Circle is more the linear left brain path. Both are excellent, just a different focus.

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The Medicine Wheel: Path of the Heart (book available through

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