December Seminar: The Harp Music of Old Wales

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Re: December Seminar: The Harp Music of Old Wales

Postby DaRC » 21 Dec 2009, 11:03

Hi Mwyalchen,
I've finally had time to sit down, read and listen to this excellent seminar.
Truly fascinating stuff and the depth of craftmanship in the hard work, investigation and practice that sit behind the seminar is inspiring.
Definitely the work of a modern bard. The music is beautifully haunting |-) |-)

Thank you ever so much for presenting this to us :grin:
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Re: December Seminar: The Harp Music of Old Wales

Postby Bracken » 02 Jan 2010, 18:08

My goodness. It's January already. Time for this seminar to retire to the attic, although it will remain live forever.

Please do go to Discuss Druidry to read the January seminar by Creirwy. Thank you.

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