Ogham Studies - Fearn (Alder)

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Ogham Studies - Fearn (Alder)

Post by Fitheach » 25 Jun 2006, 23:23

St. Fian's Wood, Kildare, Ireland

Please post your experiences, stories, meditations, inspiration, knowledge, poetry, etc. regarding the next ogham, the Alder tree.   Our forest is growing!


The resilient bracing Alder tree
Holy wood of Blessed Bran
Who bridged the mighty Irish Sea
Using his own body as the span.

Alder bleeds red and true
In defense of ancient land
Against our foes, old and new
Alder makes his valiant stand

Alder, trees of timeless Power,
On their watch, they never sleep.
Where Raven’s guard the sacred Tower,
Their alliance with Bran they always keep.
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Post by astrocelt » 27 Jun 2006, 08:59

The colour for Fearn-Alder is that of Crimson, its more probably arises from what occurs when this tree is cut for wood. When a branch is cut cleanly, it appears white at first, but as the sap begins to run it turns the wood into the colour of Crimson. From the past when dealing with the colours we can appreciate that we are slowly moving up the colour spectrum, in some kind of order. Beith-Birch is the manifestation of light or consciousness in the material form. Ruis-Rowan is the grey/red, the fear, and later understanding to overcome it. Fearn-Alder is a higher vibration of the red and a little darker which forms our present colour.

Crimson therefore is the blood of the tree; one has to sacrifice ourselves to this element of air and the ancestral spirits that are contained within it. Its similarities can be drawn to the blood of Christ in the form of wine drunk from the Cup or chalice that was partaken in at the Last Supper within Christian theology. We have the sap of the Alder but no cup to place it in, perhaps this is what we are looking for. The cup or chalice, the Holy Grail of Arthurian legends or Ceridwen cauldron of rebirth, only the individual can answer this one!

Therefore, our base colour is crimson red, which becomes an energiser; similar to what occurs when we lose our temper. It’s also associated with warmth and sexual energy a strong and powerful colour, which will naturally alternate depending on the white or black tints we add to it. The lighter we go the more love and balance it becomes, but we are usually warned away from the darker shades, WHY?  

According to colour therapists, these tend to be negative. They are often considered to have some form of self-pity and ruthless quality about them. We realise that everyone sees colours in different light and understanding, it’s always best to allow the individual free will to find their own associations. Therefore, we leave you to think of the colour Black its ramifications which you associate with it, and then add the red.

Is it really that negative as they say?

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Post by Keriann » 03 Sep 2006, 18:51

According to the 'Auraicept':

Word Ogham of Morann Mac Main here. Airinach Fian, i.e., shield of warrior-bands, i.e., shield for fern, f, with him owing to their redness in the same respect: or because the alder, the material of the shield was from fernae given to the Ogham letter which has taken a name from it. Airenach Fian, i.e., shield, that is fern, f, with him.

Alphabet of word-oghams of Mac ind Oic here below. Comet lachta, guarding of milk, that is the Ogham alder, f, from alder of the forests, for it is it that guards the milk, for of it are made the vessels containing the milk.




BIRD OGHAM: faelinn gull

COLOUR OGHAM:  flann red


MAN (HUMAN BEING) OGHAM: three heroes

WOMAN OGHAM: three heroines

AGRICULTURAL OGHAM: fidba hedge-bill

WATER OGHAM: three rivulets

DOG OGHAM: three watch-dogs

OX OGHAM: three bulls

COW OGHAM: three milch cows


ART OGHAM: poetry
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Post by Dryadia2 » 12 Apr 2007, 22:53

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Re: Ogham Studies - Fearn (Alder)

Post by Serpentia » 28 Dec 2010, 13:31

Another very common tree in Germany, even though currently much endangered with some water-borne illness, I understand. Very well known in Norse and Germanic folklore, but nothing good is told of it. Its typical dwelling place - swamps - gave it a reputation of being associated with demons and witches and "nothing good" was supposed to come from places where they were to be found.

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Re: Ogham Studies - Fearn (Alder)

Post by Huathe » 28 Dec 2010, 17:19


I often find alder growing in wet areas, especially on creek banks. As kids we called it " Branch Alder ". I see you reside in the Blue Ridge Mountains of NC, Just like myself. It is nice to see another local druid! :)
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