Ogham Studies - Nuin (Ash)

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Ogham Studies - Nuin (Ash)

Post by Fitheach » 16 Jul 2006, 17:48

Hill of Tara, Ireland


Please post your experiences, stories, poetry, artwork, inspirations, medittions, etc. with the mighty Ash tree!


The mighty warrior Ash,
Provided wood for Nuada’s spear
And arrows for the archer’s cache
Wooden weaponry to fear.

Druid wands that hold the key
To unleash power of the will,
Ash promotes creativity.
But, take care, and do no ill!

Ash, the Tree of Destiny,
Planted near the holy well,
Branches tied with clooties,
A place where fairies dwell.
Tha gliocas an ceann an fhitich
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Post by Keriann » 03 Sep 2006, 19:02

According to the 'Auraicept':

Word Ogham of Morann Mac Main here. Cosdad sida, checking of peace, that is nin, ash, n: it is the maw of a weaver’s beam as applied to wood: a sign of peace is that. A checking of peace with him is that from the ash of the weaver’s beam.

Alphabet of word-oghams of Mac ind Oic here below. Bag ban, fight of women, ash, n, of weaver’s beam, i.e., maw of weaver’s beam. Hence for its cognate letter.




BIRD OGHAM: naescu snipe.

COLOUR OGHAM: necht clear.


MAN (HUMAN BEING) OGHAM: five heroes

WOMAN OGHAM: five heroines


WATER OGHAM: five rivulets

DOG OGHAM: five watch-dogs

OX OGHAM: five bulls

COW OGHAM: five milch-cows


ART OGHAM: notary work.
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Post by Dryadia2 » 12 Apr 2007, 22:57

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Re: Ogham Studies - Nuin (Ash)

Post by Creirwy » 19 Jun 2008, 14:59

Ash is always the Tree of Life to me, and whenever it appears in my ogham readings I find its always about brining things into fruition... like its energy is a key, it gives us courage and energy to bring an idea into reality. Its a surging energy that can get very restless when you try to ignore it lol.

Nuin to me also makes me reexamine my idea of the three worlds. Ash reminds me to walk away from my head and what I 'think' is there, or even when i've 'experienced' is there, it just is, its there its true. Say even when I'm not 'thinking' like a druid (sitting under trees and calling ritual space) , I am a druid in my heart so druidry will always be part of me so my life is always druidic. Thats like a fact of life that Ash to me represents, like the 3 worlds, like we'll always need to be warriors and be brave in our lives, and we'll always need a key or two hehe.

The keys bring to my mind locks. Doors to be locked and walked away from, doors to be opened and embraced. Are they new or ones you've been in and out of lots of times.

Just some tree ramblings

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Re: Ogham Studies - Nuin (Ash)

Post by Serpentia » 17 Nov 2010, 09:19

Whether it's the Ash now or the Yew after all, opinions differ and so I made up my mind that it's the Ash and along with the Ash, which abounds here in the middle of Germany, I also study the legends surrounding Yggdrasil, the World Tree or Axis, with its nine worlds and the stories (Eddas) surrounding it. Fascinating angle, because it shows just how essential to our ancestors survival, both practical and spiritual, trees were. Truly venerable in the sense of the word.

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