Ogham Studies - Duir (Oak)

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Re: Ogham Studies - Duir (Oak)

Post by MiriamSPia » 09 Jan 2011, 00:16

Serpentia wrote:The Middleton Oak? How stupid of me, how could I forget? It has always been my favourite place there, I actually have a picture of me in her arms, so to say...

In a country where the woods are filled with oak, the one that means the most to me is in the US..but then, I have a hard time with Oaks, they are not my kind of tree at all, somehow. Here in Germany we have so much Oak lore, I just filled three pages in my Ogham book with it.

Something about oaks and snakes, maybe?
Interesting, unlike Serpentina I am very much "the oak tree type". I love these and feel exceptionally comfortable with them. I think, as Ovates, part of getting to know and appreciate one another could involve: which of the trees best suit who. Serpentina - which trees are you most at ease with?

I'm excited about this today and posting a lot. :yay: :old: :idea:


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