How to gain access to the Discussion Forums

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How to gain access to the Discussion Forums

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The Druid Grove is an online discussion forum for members of the Order of Bards, Ovates and Druids (OBOD). The Druid Grove is the only official site on the Internet for discussions among members of their OBOD studies.

In order to access this forum, you must be an OBOD member and registered on this board. (Please note that OBOD memberships do not expire and there are no dues to pay to remain in good standing! If you were ever a member and received the monthly gwersi packets, you are still a member and eligible to join the members-only forums here, no matter how long ago you were working on the course.)

We are not tied into the Order's membership database, though, so you must verify your status by following the procedure below:

1. If you haven't registered an account here on the message board, do so now. Just click the "Register" link at the top right of the page and follow the prompts; in the “Confirmation of Registration” box at the bottom of the registration form, please enter the verification word (see below) for your grade provided to you in the email you received when you joined OBOD (or the letter that accompanied your first pack of gwersi). Click "Submit" when finished.

2. You should immediately receive an activation link via email; click the link to activate your account (If you don't find an email, check your spam filter. If you still can't find the email, continue with the access request procedure below and I'll activate your account when I add you to your grade forum.)

3. Once you have registered and activated, fill out and submit this form:

4. I will add you to the appropriate grade forum (which will also give you access to OBOD General Discussion, Groves and Seedgroups, and Camps and Festivals). When you receive a note from me (or another admin) welcoming you to the forum, you're ready to go!

Verification word: If you don't have the grade-specific access word, enter Abred; this also works when you fill out your access request form; just enter Abred in the password field and in the Comments field, provide a quote from a gwers. For Bards, it's the first sentence of the first paragraph on the first white page of Bardic Gwers 3, if you're doing the print version of the course; for the online version, quote the first sentence on this page: ... -the-bards. For Ovates and Druids, quote the first sentence of the first paragraph on the first white page of Ovate or Druid Gwers 1.
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