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FAQs about the Discussion Forums

Postby Selene » 01 Nov 2017, 21:53

Why is the site no longer open to the public?
Participation by non-OBOD members was very low and the forum had become an attractive target for spammers. In order to be able to maintain the site as a safe and useful resource for our members, it was decided to restrict access from the general public and from search engines.

I'm an OBOD member and I know I registered an account awhile back, but I can't log in.
A number of inactive accounts have been deleted. If you:
  1. Haven't logged in for more than a year AND
  2. never posted or made only one post, THEN
you'll need to register a new account to get back on the forums. Follow the procedure outlined in About the Discussion Forums.

I forgot my password and can't get the reset link to work.
That's an unfortunate problem with the software right now--we hope to get it resolved, but for now, write administrators@druidry.org and request a temporary password to use so you can log in and reset it through your profile.

This list is a work in progress. If you have other questions, please write administrators@druidry.org and ask. I'll answer as soon as possible.
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