What are Tree Spirits?

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Re: What are Tree Spirits?

Postby green magi » 11 Nov 2010, 11:01

all spirits are one and the same so i imagine the tree spirits are like our spirits,ive never imagined human souls to look human or tree spirits look like trees,the soul or spirit is more subtle than form
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Re: What are Tree Spirits?

Postby Huathe » 11 Nov 2010, 17:38

I think tree spirits may be of two things. It could be the life force of the tree itself, the trees living essence or maybe a tree guardian. Possibly an angel or other spirit. I believe trees are the voices of Dana, our Earth Mother, so they have to have a spirit or life force and be spiritual to speak to us, and we have to learn to be quiet and listen. As far as a literal form that spirit may take, I don't know. If it is an angel guardian or messenger it may take human form but I feel that tree spirits are generally without form. They are something you feel and do not see. Like people, trees have a soul and may have a guardian ( Angel or Spirit Guide ) as well.

There are more to trees than meet the eye. I feel it every time I enter the forest.

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