Has anyone seen this book re ancient Druids?

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Has anyone seen this book re ancient Druids?

Postby RonLoving » 20 Jun 2010, 05:29

In the 60's I found a book. The author was "anonymous". It told a legend of a time people lived in the north at the pole area. The ice started and they migrated southward. Each place they settled temporarily, they taught the locals as much lore as they could . The book said in the area of what is today Ireland, Scotland, Wales, England their work was called (later) "Druid". It described how the group moved on through Persia and when they ended up in India their leader was known as "Ram". (Rama?) Tibetans also have legend of such a migration and they time it as around 18-20,000 years ago.
Has anyone seen this book? If so does anyone know the title? I'd like to re-read it. Oh, they also talked of a preparation made from Mistletoe known to them as "All Heal". Anyone know of such a concoction?

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Re: Has anyone seen this book re ancient Druids?

Postby MountainGnome » 06 Jun 2015, 03:19

I don't know what book you're referring to specifically but this legend of "Ram" and people settled near the North pole is mentioned in lots of old books. The Greeks called these people the Hyperboreans and attributed all kinds of legendary things to them.

The Wikipedia article on the Hyperboreans give some idea on the basic idea of the legend as it's known from Greece: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hyperborea

Robert Charroux's book "The Book of the Mysterious Unknown" (Le Livre du Mystérieux Inconnu) also talks about Hyperborea, Ram, and various cultures who had legends similar to this. It's available online at scribd: http://www.scribd.com/doc/152868018/The ... oux#scribd

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