Pine Marten myths

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Pine Marten myths

Postby DaRC » 04 Mar 2013, 15:56

I was doing some research into the Pine Marten as a spirit guide and beyond the Native American myths there was nothing apart from a cryptic note on the Golden Compass/His Dark Materials wiki about Lyra's daemon when using the form:
Pine Marten: grace and empathy (Celtic Myth.)
I was wondering if anyone knows about any Celtic Myths with the Pine Marten involved?
I was also wondering what it's called in Gaelic (in welsh it's bele'r coed)?
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Re: Pine Marten myths

Postby Fox » 04 Mar 2013, 16:32

It's a new pub near where I live:

This despite the Pine Marten being unknown in these parts :shrug:
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