Dog Abuse in Korea (READ ONLY)

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Dog Abuse in Korea (READ ONLY)

Post by Lady Nimue » 22 Feb 2007, 23:41

Hi everyone,

As most of you know, I am an ardent animal rights activist and supporter.
The issue I am writing of now, is a very important one, and I hope to bring this horror to the attention of all who read it.

Below is a link to an organisation called IN DEFENSE of ANIMALS. This group in addition to others, is addressing the dog abuse (and cat) in Korea. I have written the proper people with my signature, in hopes of lending my energy toward the abolishment of the cruelty.
I will allow the article to inform you, as it will do a much more thourough job than I.
If you feel called upon to act on behalf of this cause, the information to do so is available at the top of the page. Please know...I am not soliciting funds for this or any other organisation, I post this to educate in the hopes that petitions can be signed....any other contributions are the choice of the reader.


The information and pictures on this site, are disturbing, but not terribly graphic. Unfortunately it is necessary, in order to educate the readers, about such atrocities. Please be advised prior to clicking on the link.
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