The proper way to clip a cat's claws (read only)

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The proper way to clip a cat's claws (read only)

Postby Lady Nimue » 13 Sep 2007, 23:15

Hi all,

A recent thread has lead me to write this, as I understand many may not know about this viable, and painless option to declawing. In my opinion, cats that are indoor/outdoor or outdoor animals, should not be clipped. The sharpness of their claws could be the difference between life or death.

First, a scissors should not be used. Rather, a special implement for cutting kitty's claws, can be found at any pet supply shop, should be used.
It is recommended that claws be trimmed every two weeks, but if this is new for you and kitty, do it as often as is comfortable for you both, at first.
Secure the cat, making sure they are comfortable and cannot move too freely. I like to hold mine on my lap, with them on their "baby" position. I am sitting and cradling them in my arms and lap, with legs a bit elevated. With left had, take one paw, depress the toes in order to bring claws out from their sheaths. Using right hand (or dominant hand), use the trimming implement to remove the "hooked" sharp end of the claw. In most cats, other than black, the sheath is white and the root is visible. DO NOT go near the root, as it will cause pain and bleed excessively. By just removing the sharp tip, the kitty retains use of the claw while enabling you to play and groom them without painful, accidental scratches for you and their companion animals, as well. Just be calm and patient, and firm yet gentle. Its not difficult, I do this for my kitties and for clients.
Do have styptic powder just in case of a close cut that bleeds. Dip cut claw into powder, and this will stop bleeding. Just make sure kitty is comfy and held tightly. If this procedure is not a comfortable one for you, then your Vet or groomer can do it for you.
Keep in mind, that kitty loves to stretch his/her paws, and it is necessary to their health that they have a place to do that..besides the furniture :). Scratch posts are essential and when a bit of catnip is added, kitty is in ecstasy.
Further to note, some Vets recommend against clipping the back paws, so it may be best to ask your Vet for their opinion.

The link below was contributed by Dryadia 2, and is extremely helpful. I would also like to recognise Crystal Dragon for her suggestions regarding scratch posts.
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