How to properly clip your dog's nails (read only).

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How to properly clip your dog's nails (read only).

Postby Lady Nimue » 15 Sep 2007, 02:56

Hi all...

Our beloved canines' feet need grooming too, and many people are intimidated to do it. This is very understandable, as the majority of dogs' nails are opaque, making it near impossible to see the root. I have found that doing it religiously, every two weeks in a conservative manner, is best. Understand that overgrown nails will lead to problems with their pads, their digits as well as their gait. In some extreme cases, dogs will walk on the outside of their paws, and this is painful.
Depending upon the size of your pup, secure them upon your lap, table, or lie them on their side. As with any grooming activity, give love, be gentle and calm a firm. Take the foot in hand, spread he toes apart and, using a canine nail cutting implement, clip the very tip off. I take of just enough to crate a blunt tip...removing the "angle" edge. Repeat this on each toe, then give lots of praise and maybe a biscuit! :) I like to follow the nail clipping with a good, relaxing brushing. If you do cut too low, expect a lot of bleeding. Having styptic powder is essential. Also, pup will be a bit cautious for the next toe, so just be patient with the process, yourself and the dog.
With our "hairier" friends, it is often necessary to clip the hair between the toes, as well as the nails.
Just remember, at first it will be a bit frightening for your pup, and you may even sweat a little, but with patience and practise, it will become healthy part of your grooming routine.
Of course, frequent walks, especially on proper pavement surfaces, will help to maintain clipped claws, and is great for both you and pup.

You may even get a kiss or two. :)
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