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Links: Against animal abuse, Products not tested on animals

Posted: 07 Feb 2008, 04:57
by Lady Nimue
Hi all,

Listed below, are numerous links , that are intended to help fight animal abuse. Please commit yourself to this cause.....they need your voice and your action.

To learn more about what you can do to combat cruelty to animals, please visit The following subsections of this Web site may be of particular interest to you:

• Writing effective advocacy letters:

• Stopping the cycle of violence:

• Campaigning for tougher laws:

• Helping to end dogfighting:

• Saving “backyard” dogs:

• Animal shelters:

• Hoarders:

• Protect companion animals: ... ckyard.asp

• What to do if you witness cruelty to animals:

• Become a doghouse sponsor:

• The link between abuse of animals and cruelty toward humans:

*Be a compassionate consumer

UPDATED 4-6-08