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Incident with Bald Eagles in the Wild

Posted: 04 Mar 2015, 22:48
by Junco
Hi, I'm new here, and I hope I'm posting this in the right place.

I thought it would be of interest. We had an incident last month in which two bald eagles engaged in a fight over territory, and in a death grip, fell into a tree until local people noticed and banded together to try to rescue them. It was encouraging to see people so concerned for the welfare of the eagles. The article is here: ... d-in-tree/

I found the event stuck with me for quite awhile. Though I've seen strange incidents between animals in nature, this one was new to me. Not that birds don't fight, it's quite common -- but I know in ancient times, this would have likely been interpreted as a disturbing omen, to say the least. Perhaps someone with more knowledge than I can speak to that, but in the meantime, I found it was something that seemed to have some lesson to impart, and I am still thinking about what that lesson may be.

Re: Incident with Bald Eagles in the Wild

Posted: 05 Mar 2015, 05:27
by illion
Thank you for sharing this story :)

It was very sad that both the eagles died, but Nature is sometimes very brutal.