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Crow the bringer of gifts

Posted: 10 Mar 2015, 12:28
by DaRC
An interesting article on the BBC website about Crow friends and the gifts they bring

Re: Crow the bringer of gifts

Posted: 18 Mar 2015, 05:45
by soulinchains
I really loved this story :yay:

Re: Crow the bringer of gifts

Posted: 15 Jul 2015, 13:59
by Coillte
This has made my day! Wonderful!

Re: Crow the bringer of gifts

Posted: 15 Sep 2015, 19:03
by GrayFire
Hello to all, I just wanted to say that I read the article about the crows and absolutely loved it. Actually, my profile photo is a crow with a broken wing that came to me in a bit of an ironic manner, and he was receiving his first bath after coming into my care. I have tended and still do continue to have a wide variety of "wild" animals that attach to me and some are Spirit Guides.

I have even had dragonflies that literally copied every exact movement I would make as they were perched on a fence wire in my backyard. I even asked a couple of them if they would be willing to please lift up their front-most right leg for me as high as they could lift it, then hold that certain pose for a few seconds, and then make a waving motion at me. As crazy as this would sound to people who think such things are nothing but "hogwash", I assure that this occurrence did in fact happen.

Besides the dragonflies, I have had many similar occurrences with many various animals; too many to even attempt to go into all the details in this post right now. I will say though, that when I truly pause to ponder on all of it, it could blow my mind, if not for the fact that I have long ago already grown so used to it to the point that it is very commom-place for myself. I still hope and set my intentions that I never become so used to it being my own "normal", that I should ever, ever take it for granted.

Anyhow, crows in specific, along with bats have always, since my very early childhood have been animals that I have never once lost my deep sense of connection with. Bat is my main animal guide/totem since as far back as I can remember.

Well, I will close out this particular response for now, and as always, thanks for reading

Re: Crow the bringer of gifts

Posted: 17 Sep 2015, 05:23
by Acacia
What a lovely story. I so enjoyed reading it and thanks for sharing. :)

Re: Crow the bringer of gifts

Posted: 18 Sep 2015, 02:58
by Meristem
I love Crows! There is a large family of Crows that lives on my street, and I enjoy watching the young ones find their wings every year.