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Posted: 02 Aug 2004, 15:00
by Kernos
We all love to show off our pets.

To respect other's time and money, please limit any picture of your pet(s) to 400 pixels wide and <40 kb in file size.

Remember many people pay per minute charges for internet use.

If you don't know how to post a picture or do not have a server to put it on, email it to me at


Posted: 05 Aug 2004, 04:28
by Eoin Dubh
Here is a photo of my photographic assistant on a shoot. He is also my avatar.


Posted: 06 Aug 2004, 02:56
by Piastra
gosh, and all along, eoin, i thought that was really you. sigh. the life of the disallusioned...

Posted: 06 Aug 2004, 04:24
by SidheAingeal
Hope this pic isn't too big!

This is my dog, Merlin, making a weird face for the camera. And you can see my chest in the background!



Posted: 08 Aug 2004, 18:23
by Selene
Here's my wonderful brood:
My oldest ones are Oliver, 17, and Heather, 15. The babies all turn 9 this month; Emily is two weeks older than "the twins," Duncan and Victoria. Sweet, sweet kitties, all of them!

Crow has a dog

Posted: 08 Aug 2004, 22:05
by Crow
Here's a photo of my dog, Ashley, a 7-year-old whippet, with Billy Joe Bob from Texas. Bet for a minute there you thought that was Crow himself, ... nope, uh-uh. Billy Joe Bob was taking her for a walk one day while I was busy searching for a new story for The Pagan Press. Billy Joe Bob helps me out like that from time to time.



Posted: 09 Aug 2004, 01:55
by Kernos
And, my other 2 babies, Herne and Shadow...



Posted: 09 Aug 2004, 18:07
by Jaguar
Kernos, that is the sweetest picture!

Posted: 10 Aug 2004, 02:41
by Night Hawk
Awwwwwww, you guys' pets are SO cute!!!!!! :hug:
Thanks for sharing your pictures!

Posted: 10 Aug 2004, 18:40
by Nimue
Beautiful pictures guys! I especially liked the collie, what a GORGEOUS dog! I will try and get some of mine when I get a new digicam, in the meantime - more more more! :D Where is that Alaskan Malamute?

Posted: 11 Aug 2004, 21:24
by Guest

Posted: 19 Aug 2004, 03:49
by LadyMoonChaser
Image Image

WELL I finally got a couple of my pets up here! They aren't very good pics because it's hard to get them all to stand and pose together!
My 3 big horses, Fancy(grey Arab), Moon(copper Thoroughbred), & Star(part Appaloosa, part Quarter Horse). In the front is Groovy, who is our smallest miniature horse, and the other 4 minis are hiding in the corner cause Star is scolding them for something! :grin: You can also tell that Moon is in the 'dog house' with Fancy!

Then the 4 mutts are Sadie in the lead(brown collie mix), Storm on the left(border collie), then Brutus(Lab/?) and last but not least is Doc who is Brutus' brother, but they must've had different daddies!!! They all have a ball running around and seeing who is the fastest. Sadie, who is the only girl in the crowd, usually is the leader of the pack, she also leads them out into the woods and into neighbor's yards when they aren't supposed to be!
We call Sadie our little 'slut' dog cause she goes to other neighbor's houses & sleeps with them!!! She's more or less the neighborhood's dog, only we get to pay all the vet bills! :o

More pics to come! :grin:

Posted: 19 Aug 2004, 14:32
by Crow
Those are some beautiful animals you have there LMC!


Posted: 19 Aug 2004, 14:37
by Ruadh

You have such a beautiful family! Groovy is so cute!


Posted: 19 Aug 2004, 16:57
by Selene
LMC, does Moon run around a lot? Is that why you have to chase him? :D

You've got a great looking batch of four-legged kids there, hon!


Posted: 19 Aug 2004, 17:44
by LadyMoonChaser
Selene wins the prize!!!!

Yes, he can be a real bugger at times, funny though he usually only does it when it's a full moon! :-)

He also likes to visit my neighbors on ocassion!! :-D

R, Groovy is just the sweetest little girl, she follows me around like a puppy, it's come real close to letting her come in the house with me!! :o :lol:

Posted: 06 Sep 2004, 15:37
by Robb Hawklord
Ok, heres my fluffball,click to enlarge



Looking at her eyes, this ones brazillian.


Posted: 06 Oct 2004, 18:48
by Anand
Meet Basthet:



That happens when you give cats Valerian root.... does alot more than catnip

Basthet is a 17yo African wild cat

In her younger years she ate almost only birds, rabbits and small dogs :(

but now she is used to pet food....

She picked us out and not the otherway around...

Posted: 06 Oct 2004, 21:02
by willow_pheonix
i work for a staffie rescue so i have 2 staffies and 1 staffie x whippet lol


Posted: 06 Oct 2004, 21:04
by willow_pheonix
This is Brahms one of my cats (and my favourite), when i find my digi camera i'll get the others on
[img][img] ... g_0001.jpg[/img][/img]