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Posted: 09 Mar 2004, 00:03
by CelticWind
"Geeeeeesh, people..." said the blonde prettyboy as he stumbled through the door. "Bartender! Give me a quick one! I've only got time for about oh...Thirty or so? Ah, very nice! A toast to all of you! :guinness: "


"Thish...Thish stuff...Is...BARTENDER, ONE MORE IF YA WILL! *HIC* *HIC* *HIC*. Ah...Very nishe."

:bordeaux: All around!

Blessings from the trees, CelticWind
:wolfmoon: :maple:

Posted: 09 Mar 2004, 17:41
by Nimue
That was absolutley brilliant folks, thanks so much for the laughs! Oaky I think you let your fantasies take over just a tad there sweety! ( wicked grin! ) men eh - they are all the same.... :razz: But hey - just because you're a Christian priest doesnt mean you can't have a little wicked fun now and again hmmm? ( Nimue smiles saucily at Oaky! )

Posted: 09 Mar 2004, 22:09
by BardicBill
Good response Nimue

Was that "Wicked Fun" Or "Wiccan Fun" :grin:

Love & Peace

Posted: 09 Mar 2004, 23:38
by Summer Haze
I throughly enjoyed it too - three cheers for all the Bardic storytellers out there!!!

Posted: 16 Mar 2004, 23:44
by grey helm
Wow this is truely great for once i am at home you are all truely magical and fantastically creative ppl i neva wana leave this place hehehehehehehe what a read.