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WHo me?

Posted: 08 Apr 2004, 15:34
by Merlyn
Have you been to the Foggy Duck yet? If not you should check it out so you get to know some of the unusual characters that pop up occassionally, they are pretty hysterical!!
Who me? he he :razz:

Glad to see the creative tradition of Bardic satire live on :-)

Blessings of laughter

Posted: 08 Apr 2004, 16:02
by Crow
I have, but my stay was much too brief, Merlyn.

I must get over there and do some more reading sometime soon.

This Crawl was fun while it lasted, but I will admit to some degree of dismay that more people didn't join in.

But there is always hope for the next one eh?


Posted: 08 Apr 2004, 16:31
by Merlyn
Hi Crow,
Beith went on a ski trip, so she wasn't around for the rest of the pub-crawl. I did enjoy it, though some times I just like to see what my character ends up doing :D , old Merlyn has been in many a story. if you get a chance to read the 'Duck tales, you will get a flavor for the wacky adventures that began it all. :-)


Posted: 08 Apr 2004, 17:59
by Donagh MacBran
Ok, I shall see what I can dig up in a few days. Currently, I am working and writing a few stories in the Dutch language.

If I get inspiration, I shall post this weekend