Pub Crawl: Crow, and the last assignment

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Post by CelticDao » 21 Oct 2004, 22:41

Oh, and Green Druid, I got those legs back from Ashes the Warrior King of the Universe and all Dogs, Horses, Brass Burros, and anything else that Vaguely Resembles a Dog. They're a bit gnawed on, but once they stop moving, he pretty much loses interest...

:guinness: :guinness: :guinness:
Namasté Y'all.

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Underground River
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Post by Underground River » 21 Oct 2004, 22:55

No problem MC. I like being evil sometimes. :) I like pretending I'm somebody else. Thanks to everybody who made me so evil and really made me feel welcome in the story. I mean, seriously, a story isn't a story without a villain or at least some type of conflict. Ok I sound like an English teacher now which I'm not. :o
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Post by colm » 22 Oct 2004, 02:52

This was a lot of fun everyone. Thank you! I have never gotten to do anything like this and it was fun.


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Post by Caritas » 22 Oct 2004, 04:43

yes, indeedy it was fun! And I have a much better idea exactly how outrageous one can get with these now! You are forewarned.....(there's supposed to be spooky music playing when you read that)


Blessings - and thanks! Caritas
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Kat Lady
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Post by Kat Lady » 22 Oct 2004, 10:47

This was definately fun, chaotic, but fun.

To all those that have never been involved with one of these before (or been dragged kicking and screaming into one...) 2 paws up! :paw: :paw: Well done!

And to Crow, thanks yet again for a rather interesting time. It is because of your energy and committment that these are so successful. This is the perfect way for us to practice our craft of story-telling without feeling pressured. Many lessons are learned here and the results, while they always have a through-the-looking glass feel to them, provide us with a sense of accomplishment.

Thus ends another chapter. Stay tuned for more rowdy adventures of the Foggy Duck Gang and friends.
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Post by EarthWard » 23 Oct 2004, 16:14

Once again, we have saved everyone from certain destruction without their knowledge.

That was classic!


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Post by Unikorn » 24 Oct 2004, 02:22

Wow. I just wanted to say a big thankies to you all for entertaining me for weeks as this wonderful tale has unravelled! I have really enjoyed it and look forward to more ;)

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Post by Branbeith » 24 Oct 2004, 03:32

Well done all! And thanks to Spirit Healer..(with a little help from the Karmic clause) ...Crow will be haunting these stories paraphrase a quote from Weird Al's "Yoda"...

The long term contract I had to sign
said I will be making these stories* 'til the end of time...... :o

(In the original parody this word was "movies")


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