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Generally, and at the moment I relate to Druidry as

My religion
A spiritual and philosophical approach as described below
A magical discipline/path as described below
Total votes: 162

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Post by Wolfwalker » 04 Nov 2004, 02:40

Druidry is one part of my faith path, the other being the red road of my native ancestors, who intermarried with the celtic ones... My life is my religion because that's where and if it becomes systematized. My faith path has both elements of deism, theism and areas that utterly lack either.
The fact there seems to be such a heavy emphasis in deism/ theism in the OBOD taught druidry does bother me somewhat, since it essentially attempts to limit what is limitles; to define or direct the undefinable and onnipotent, omniscient elements of what is.
It's not really any different from sitting articulating Amselm's "Ontological Proofs for the Existence of God" when to do so means one accepts that is a faith path that de facto I've rejected.
Not all members of OBOD are on the one uniform plane of faith with Philip, nor asking questions to 'prove' a personal theistic viewpoint. It causes me to wonder if this is a move towards proscriptive thinking which requires adherence to a certain dogmatic set of beliefs, deities, theistic practices and so forth.
If so, Druidry is not my "religion" at all; rather it would be but a useful study for a theologically trained pagan who used to be a Anglican priest.
BB, Peter
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Post by Lizzy » 04 Nov 2004, 10:50

For now, a magical discipline/path. Maybe one day it will evolve into something else, who knows? :D

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Post by Liz » 09 Nov 2004, 12:40

Hi Philip

I voted for choice number 2, a spiritual or philosophical path as that seemed the best description for me at this moment. I'm still unpicking the difference between 'spiritual' and 'religious' and the overlap between them. I've never been involved with 'religion' as such - my parents baptized me as it was simply the thing to do 30-odd years ago for the sake of appearances. My father is a card carrying Atheist and my mother doesn't classify herself as anything but now I've joined OBOD and explained it to them she is quite sympathetic to druidry. They even went to the last OBOD Midsummer Assembly! They were a bit bemused by it all, but we left for a while and went for a walk to the foot of Glastonbury Tor in the twilight and even my father agreed that he could feel 'something' there! They both love the outdoors and walking for miles in the countryside, so I come from quite a sympathetic background and have had no negative experiences with 'religion' as such, so I remain open minded.

For me, druidry is about the triangular relationship between the Individual, the Tribe, and the Land which, I've begun to realize, is a very privileged position to be in and I am extremely grateful for it, that sense of connection with a Tribe which I believe is so profound and important for the human psyche.

I joined OBOD as a spiritual and philosophical path, but I've found that as my path progresses and my connections deepen that I am feeling more and more that it guides my relationship with Deity, a relationship that I am only now beginning to discover and grow with. Also I am finding that, perhaps even a little unwillingly, a shamanic path is opening up to me as, in the presence of those I would unhesitatingly describe as Shamen, I am experiencing the power first hand of that which up until now has been unseen and unknown to me.

So, like many others, I cannot disconnect all three choices you have offered but would say 'all of the above', a philosophical and spiritual path of celebrating and honouring nature leading to a sense of connection to the divine and an awareness of that which lies outside our everyday narrow perception of reality.

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Post by wolf_spirit » 09 Nov 2004, 22:21

I voted "spiritual and philosophical approach". For me it is at the moment more spiritual than philosophical, in the sense that it is more a feeling of being whole rather than a search for answers.

I think "religion" would imply more of a dogma, while I am very much feeling free from that at the moment. Also religion seems to imply more of a deity, while I see all of nature as the most divine.

I also studied witchcraft and I would more see that as my magical side rather than druidry; but for me the most magical is just walking in a forest and just see how it all fits, and how I fit in it as well. Or at least I hope nature sees it that way too :-D

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Post by Charlene » 11 Nov 2004, 20:48

How about an all of the above? For me, this is the way I relate to deity, spirit, and such....
Peace All


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Post by Ailim » 15 Nov 2004, 09:34

As a former Christian, I follow no other path other than Druidry now. I believe in its spiritual path as a guiding light for my journey on this earth.

Why do I call it a religion? Probably because I am living as close as I can to the druid teachings and philosophy :) In the UK, when I went to the hospital a couple of years ago, I was asked what religion I was. I blurted out without thinking: Druid. The receptionist blinked, and started to look at her computer saying, "I've never had one of those before, but don't worry, if its not listed I'll put you under other." A minute or so later, she exclaimed, "Here we are - Druid. Well, I never knew that was even on the list."

So looks like in the NHS at least, they recognise Druidry as a religion - enough anyway to get put on their computer system :D
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Post by Saille-Panthera » 16 Nov 2004, 19:48

Hi Philip,
I voted for the spiritual/philosophical option. Mainly because, although druidry provides me with a great opportunity to deepen my own path, on every level you've described and used in the poll, spiritual, philosophic, religious and magical, I do no and will not describe myself as 'a Druid', when someone asks me what my religion is.
I used to say I was a witch, but that just does not cover the whole thing either, lol, so I'll just be me, with a nature based religion if someone wants to no, untill I find a proper name for myself, and if not, so be it :-D
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Post by Brannigan » 19 Dec 2004, 01:02

So looks like in the NHS at least, they recognise Druidry as a religion - enough anyway to get put on their computer system :D[/quote]

My employer ( a major UK University) also has "Druid" down as a religion and produces an equal ops booklet about religious tolerance that includes "Druid" as one of the many religions listed.

For me it is a religion - I have no other religious beliefs and feel no need for any other theological stimuli.

As for the three choices - the followers of any calling would probably feel the desire to say "All of the above"!!

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Post by Selene » 27 Feb 2005, 06:23

Bumping topic.
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Post by unluckynomad » 27 Feb 2005, 10:29

yes... an all of above choice needs to be added for me too!

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Post by Blackbird1 » 27 Feb 2005, 16:31

All of the above.
Three in one and one in three.

As for comments about "killing in the name of God" let us remember that Druidic practices of old also called for killing (ie ritual involving animal sacrifice) but, apart from that, there are people who act in this manner under the guise of a religion but do not follow its tenets. Just as one in druidry would be excluded for such behaviour the same also happens in other practices.

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Post by Stormwind » 27 Feb 2005, 17:07

For me it is both my religion and a spiritual and philosophical path. My vote was religion, but only because I couldn't choose both answers. For me, the combination makes a complete path.

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Post by Douma-CopperLion » 01 Mar 2005, 04:27

Hi again Philip,

I voted in your previous poll as a poly-panthiestic believer in the nature of Diety. I voted in this poll in my preference for Druidry as a Magikal discipline/mystery path. I believe Magik is a very real force in the universe, and in our existence on this material plane, I think Druidry offers the best answers as to how to deal with everyday life.


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Post by Laurelin Tauregwaithalion » 01 Mar 2005, 17:03

Wow. Way to put us under the gun, Phillip. I chose the second option, but I feel the need to explain myself. When in the ER, the woman taking my information asked me what my "religious preference" was (I guess, in case I drop dead or something). I responded "Druidry" not because I feel it is a religion, but because I would rather be approached by a Druid on my death bed (whether (s)he is one of the religion-druids or not) than a random minister of some faith that bears little resemblance to mine. That's the only time I've considered "Druidry" in conjunction with "Religion" at all.

While, for me, Druidry is unmistakably a magical path, I feel that the practice is simply honing the skills and concepts my mother taught me as a child. Since it would have been just as easy for me to find and follow some other "magical tradition" instead, I have decided that this is not the best suited choice for me. There's a reason I didn't choose Wicca or some other mystical tradition; I remember being approached by people of various magical traditions in my life, but nothing fit just right. It took me quite some time to solidify that conclusion.

For me, the reason Druidry is the magical tradition I can work with is because it is a philosophy first. I came here with a very carefully defined concept of divinity. Until OBOD, I couldn't find any path or tradition that fit with my definition. Until OBOD, I passed by several paths (forks in my road) that were a near-fit. I'm a very stubborn person, and I'm a thinker and seeker. I wasn't likely to change the path I felt compelled to follow, whether there was a signpost or explanation or not. OBOD Druidry, for me, has been the signpost for the path I already wanted to walk. For me, most importantly, it is a spiritual and philisophical tradition.

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