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Posted: 13 Jun 2005, 01:10
by Night Hawk
How do you know when/if you have a totem? I have a Guide, but is my Guide a totem??? :???:

Posted: 13 Jun 2005, 01:55
by Kat Lady
Totems and guides reveal themselves in many different ways. Sometimes a totem will show itself as an aminal with which you identify, such as with me, a cat.

Totems are usually animals and if I remember correctly, you guide is human. So I believe he is just a guide to help you and comfort you.

Posted: 13 Jun 2005, 02:08
by Wolfwalker
That said, some guides are non-human, but are not totem beings or creatures. In your case I'd see your birches as being closer to a totem presence in your life and exerting their 'quiet magic' in your life.
blessings, Peter

Posted: 13 Jun 2005, 02:14
by Night Hawk
Can trees be totems, too???? I'm drawn to Birch trees. :beith:

Posted: 13 Jun 2005, 03:02
by Wolfwalker
Considering what you told me about your birch experience last summer at the camp you attended, it's entirely very likely Night Hawk, as it fits with how you would be able to relate to that being, and not feel anything but positive and safe feedback from the experience.
Check again when you have the right circumstances and see if something similar happens again, and visit the same tree again at this year's camp too. Let me know how it goes. Feel free to post it here in the board too if you feel comfortable with that.
blessings, Peter