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Re: A Question....

Post by deepwater » 16 Feb 2014, 06:35

I found the question as interesting as all the written text of the ancient Druids,,Who says we were the only ones to worship there
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Re: A Question....

Post by Merlyn » 16 Feb 2014, 15:37

Ha, this is an old thread. :D
Much was found here, and insights were good.
Since this thread, more has been discovered still. If anything the mystery of stonehenge has become more-so as well as better understood.

Of the things to consider: what the climate of the time was when stonehenge was built is anyone's guess, however the possibility it happened during a time when ice was prevailing from a mini ice age is quite possible, enabling the moving of the stones on wet ice. It's a theory of course, however more and more we realize those who lived thousands of years ago were far from ignorant. How they knew what they did has many far ranging theories as well.

Our misconceptions range wildly, as much as we once thought this time we live in now would bear a very different way of life, aside from the advances in science, life remains very mundane.
One thing is clear, the more we rely on computers the less we rely on our own minds. I view the ancients as possibly much more 'able' and well learned, and this is evidenced well by the teachings of the Drui themselves.

Building something permanent like stonehenge shows a step past just the needs of the time. It expresses to me a deeper commitment and a desire which is spiritual.
It expresses to me that things we cannot prove by science, make evident or rationalize can be a stronger motivation. We have to realize "the knowing" may well be deep in our DNA, as is being studied and often expressed today.

We can say we often express our knowing in the artistic expressions, as they are vehicle for this. Stonehenge may well be an artistic expression. This would explain why so many are drawn to it, and no real scientific or historical evidence as to why..

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