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hallucinations or dream

Posted: 26 Apr 2012, 22:28
by spikklubba
Sometimes I wonder if things do not just not crazy hallucinations all the voices that I hear everything I see and feel. there is no scientific evidence maybe I'm just crazy .. sometimes I just want to be like everyone else only able to manage a job to be able to have normal relationship to other people .. to be just like everyone else, and not stand out regardless of who / what I am with ... the whole world just me and a few others see and hear all things that I can talk to ... Why I am I never wanted to be different but in the end I had to survive ... not because I change my mind though. . . Sometimes I wish I could wake up and everything was just a dream. . . and all the friends we lost were there ... but this is not a dream or is it I want to try to fight and enjoy my rare fantasys until I wake up ..

and to all / or someone somewhere out there you're not alone

Re: hallucinations or dream

Posted: 27 Apr 2012, 13:25
by Merlyn
Sounds to me that there are a few dragons lurking about.
By that I mean you have a talent which needs to be nurtured, realized and made into something that works "for" you.

How each of us interacts with the otherworld does make differences apparent. They however are never "wrong", so long as you can see them for what they are.

In light,
Merlyn :merlyn:

Re: hallucinations or dream

Posted: 30 Apr 2012, 23:30
by Al Hakim
Hi Spikklubba,

some peolpe may call it crazyness, others a gift. Ask a psychologist if you feel unable to recognise the difference between both. If it is a gift, use it with big care.

Al Hakim

Re: hallucinations or dream

Posted: 03 May 2012, 03:23
by wyeuro
some psychologists might recognise it as a gift, as actual clairaudience and your true perception, and others might regard it as a disease to be eradicated. i hear voices and regard the voices as belonging to extradimensional others and i regard myself as totally sane. no one can make that assessment for another person. if what happens when you hear them makes sense, believe in them and feel blessed. you're a gateway between the worlds. gaia needs you.

Re: hallucinations or dream

Posted: 03 May 2012, 10:41
by Explorer
It doesn't sound like a blessing to me to be honest.

I don't believe in the supernatural. If you hear voices then there is probably something different in your mental wiring than what is usually the case in humans (I'm avoiding to call that crazy, wrong, or give it spiritual meaning, because the point I want to make is something else).

If this leads to you not functioning in society, like you say, you can't hold a job or a relationship, then that seems more like a curse than a blessing.
I very much doubt that spiritual training is going to make that better, in fact it may make it worse. Especially when people tell you that it is very normal to hear voices, and that the rest of the world should adapt to that. Because that is not how it works in real life, as you seem to have experienced already.

Bluntly said, I think it would be better to turn to professional help in this case, instead of go screwing with your mind in spiritual realms.

Re: hallucinations or dream

Posted: 03 May 2012, 11:54
by DJ Droood
I completely agree with Explorer. .the OP is obviously unhappy and lonley. I think being checked out by medical professionals and making sure everything is ok with your health would be a good place to start. And even if the voices are whispering ghosts from The Otherworld, it is your life and if they aren't making you happy find a way to make them bugger off.

Re: hallucinations or dream

Posted: 03 May 2012, 13:15
by Merlyn
Well....Nothing wrong with going to the Doc. :shake:
Alcohol, drugs and the like are often self medication, and we do need some practical direction from a doctor if this has gotten out of hand...

On a more positive note:
I have known people with this same problem. I was married to one. For the most part the doctors seemed eager to prescribe some drugs and otherwise just did not believe she was "hearing voices from the dead".
What she told me was that while around me the voices stopped. She could sleep normally, though the problem was still there. She found me to be one of the only people who believed her, and was willing to accept what she said as truth. I think that is possibly 90% of the problem, just finding anyone who doesn't think that hearing voices is because they are crazy.

That may simply be 90% of the cure too..

However, the idea is to simply exercise the "talent" a bit. This can be simply telling others what you hear, when & why.
I sympathize, and understand because I have a different but similar problem. My mind picks up on what others are thinking. In a way it creeps people out. When I am speaking to them I feel as if the thoughts are my own, but in fact it is not often my own mind thought. I had to train myself to know the difference. Even when there is no conversation, I would speak and it would be exactly what the person with me was thinking..word-for-word. Harder yet, while sleeping my thoughts would mingle and my dreams would be that of my wife...
It was creepy to say the least, even to me.

I don't really want to have this "talent", but there it is. I trained myself to be objective and distinguish the difference from my own thoughts that that of others. Learning to meditate, simple as that is, went miles in helping me solve this problem.

Those who hear the voices of the dead, are also just as sensitive as those who can see the color of another person's Aura. The problems range from one end of the spectrum to the other in senses. And as usual all the doctors want to do is drug the person as a cure.

To exercise a talent like this one must first become grounded. The OBOD course does this very well and then offers insight to using oracles. The use of an oracle is the way to exercise the "dragon" or talent. Each of us will find an oracle or even create method that can work for this, simply.

Once brought to a positive goal and use the unwanted problems go away or become manageable. Rather than popping up in disturbing ways, one can make use of this part of the mind and using the light body and other body related methods, balance the mind. We always still have the talent to see or hear things, but rather can become healthy and positive about it.

It is important to know:
This is a proactive way and as I mentioned, 90% of the problem is just finding others who believe you and understand. The rest is personal work. There is no "magic" or "spirits" involved really in the work, from the body stand-point. From the mind standpoint one needs to get a grip on what is really happening. Most people who hear voices of the spirit realm are hearing the impression others have left in our apparent world. It is not imagination, it is simply sensitivity. There is nothing to fear from it.

Understanding the fact someone can see or hear another's feelings and thoughts isn't any kind of curse, there is no devil or other bad thing. It is all totally natural.
What plagues people is the brainwashing of Judaism telling all that anything of this sort is "evil". Nothing could be further from the truth.

Like any problem, understanding it is solving it. It however is a problem we must take to task for ourselves. Dragon-work is one of many ways, as example, to balance the mind-body, so is Druidry. It is good to start by exploring the many spiritual and mind-body methods and find one which works.

Most others will never understand, and once you have learned to manage a talent of this kind, you may find yourself being looked at as some kind of magical person. (better than being looked at as a nut ball eh?) :D
Most importantly, you can go on with your life, and put this "problem" in its place.

In light.
Merlyn /|\

Re: hallucinations or dream

Posted: 04 May 2012, 03:08
by wyeuro
what it comes down to is this: if it isn't ghosts fairies, astral projections, and other extradimensionals talking to me, i'm nuts. so was my grandmother and it runs in the family. if it is fairies etc, i'm perfectly rational and the majority is lacking or repressing a whole sensorial array.
we know that in every culture in every generation there are always a few born who grow up hearing voices, seeing things, reporting extradimensional contact. some cultures listen respectfully or cautiously to what these report; ours used to declares them insane until the new age awakening to the wider realities. from the time of first beginning to hear and see, to the present, where i can easily recognise and clearly describe many of my ghost, fairy, et, and 'god' contacts, i have worked relentlessly to improve my psychic awareness, using mainly yoga and transcendental meditation, practising austerities, eating only pure food, communing with animals and wildlife, meditating in ritual, maintaining shrines and activities that engage the fairies and ghosts etc and talking to trees.
to be honest, as far into it as i now am, i can really not understand how anyone who has never had a psychic experience could allow themselves to make such decisions about another person's. you've got no evidence to go on. by the time a psychic has seen a fairie, they've got no access to any rational doubt. they just do exist. they 'see' you diving for a doubt to cling to and you'd feel them laughing at you - good-naturedly of course!

Re: hallucinations or dream

Posted: 04 May 2012, 04:24
by DJ Droood
This thread isn't about you, wyeuro, it is about the OP, who is obviously not happy with his life, because of the voices he hears. My advice to him stands...I think he should seek out professional help to assess his health.

Re: hallucinations or dream

Posted: 04 May 2012, 06:49
by wyeuro
DJ Droood wrote: Re: hallucinations or dream
by DJ Droood ยป Fri May 04, 2012 1:24 pm

This thread isn't about you, wyeuro, it is about the OP, who is obviously not happy with his life, because of the voices he hears. My advice to him stands...I think he should seek out professional help to assess his health.
it's spikklubba's thread, and it's entitled 'hallucinations or dream'. spikklubba said
the whole world just me and a few others see and hear all things that I can talk to ...
I want to try to fight and enjoy my rare fantasys until I wake up ..
, which is how i feel too, so i sympathise, that is to say, i'm on topic.

in druidry, surely everyone's opinion may stand on its merits. peace, DJ Droood, peace. :groovy:

Re: hallucinations or dream

Posted: 04 May 2012, 13:12
by Merlyn
Dreams are freaky sometimes...
I had one the other night where I was with a bunch of people and about to go with them to get an award for the work the team had done, and one turned to me and said. "Not you.. you have to go" and at that precise moment my alarm woke me up...

I think the OP is on the up & up by stating that others are not alone in this sensory problem. The doctors call it by names, one being "high function autism".
My sister was considered nuts because at an early age she was seen often speaking to trees. Helping a child understand the world and how they interact with it used to be a matter of the old ways, and my grandmother had recognized what my sister's talents were and taught her how to speak to the trees, something we in Druidry also learn.
This all of course put my sister in an odd light with my father who was a church going Christian and he occasionally mentioned that my sister was mildly retarded. I knew better and was a friend to my sister, still am. She later in life explained to me the teachings she received from my grandmother..
And as things went on, I one day found my grandmother talking to a tree, a weeping cherry she had planted. I asked her about it and she explained that she had planted the weeping cherry because the spirit of the tree reminded her of her sister (my aunt) who had just passed away, and this was now she would be able to communicate with her "past the veil".

These talents are more common than not, and if everyone who had extra sensitive ability whent to the doctor for it, I imagine the entire line of thought would change. We however live in a world brainwashed into thinking that anyone who can speak or see into the other realms is either nuts or evil... This IMO is a very sad thing. Drowned in drugs or self medicated into oblivian, all too many talented people end up never using these wonderful talents. Very sad... :gloomy:

The stigmas, bullying, abuse and all, is horrific and led my sister into a lifelong state of anger and frustration over it. When she learned of my own druid study, and that I was open to her about it, she was thrilled. The stories I learned from her and all were precious.

I could go on with accounts of others and the reasons, and I can agree that with due caution, a doctor isn't an "all bad" idea. I have seen however that without proper guidance a doctor's advice and treatment can do serious harm in a case like this. Hearing voices from across the veil is a very real ability. It IMO is something that isn't going to be cured with a pill or a few "treatments".

You may remember Amilius who posted to this forum and mentioned about his brother, and how he was able to do what doctors could not for him, and how his brother is now living a good life as a result of his care. And as he puts it, simply.

Cheers to all who can see, hear and feel the other realms! :hug: :gulp:
I for one want to hear the stories and know the ways.
"She talks to angels, they know her by her name"

In light.
Merlyn /|\

Re: hallucinations or dream

Posted: 07 May 2012, 09:47
by Red Raven
I have to say that I am in favour of Merlyn's approach, turning it into a manageable positive, as opposed to trying to compartmentalize it into the "norm" through medical and substance management (if that has not at least been assessed for effectiveness). How often do we see stories where an individual is told there is no help for their position and through a different approach, results are gained that help that individual through their difficulties?


Re: hallucinations or dream

Posted: 07 May 2012, 13:19
by Merlyn ... r_embedded

The above "60 minutes" is well worth the look.
Aside from our own ideas of spiritual approach to the mind-body, we also find solutions in talent that are eye-opening.
For my son, it was music that gave him direction through his problems with sensory integration (a high function form of autism)
He just isn't interested in religion, spiritual progression or really anything that has to do with any kind of god, at least not yet.

One of the fears we have in "going to the doctor" is very real: drugs. I think that may be a bit over-blown, but more specifically, the fact that drugs are simply not a solution to the problem. There must be a cure, not just a treatment for the symptom, and that is rarely something a doctor will take on.

Give the link a look, and see just how amazing a person can be no matter the problems.

Re: hallucinations or dream

Posted: 08 May 2012, 02:25
by kytty
Hi Spikklubba
I feel those who have contributed above are to a degree all right and I hope the following explains why.
Firstly I understand where you are coming from. I have had this occurring to me since childhood. It took me quiet a long time to come to grips with the fact at times I could see, feel and hear ( and some time pre-empt) things that others near me could not. Mid sentence I would stop, turn and listen, (much like an animal does) for I could "sense" something. I didn't (and don't) always know what it was ...only a feeling, sometimes words, sometimes a type of fear. Sometimes voices as clear as day while no one was near, sometimes clear conversations. Sometimes a place, an object, an animal would stay in my mind. Trees have always been a special connection for me. At times there have been periods where I truly thought I was mentally deranged or schizophrenic to the degree I became some what of a loner.
Thankfully I found people who helped me come to deal with what I was experiencing. The first were my parents - who explained to me (when I was in my late 20's) that it was a family thing and nothing to be afraid of.
The second was a councillor who rather than drug me encouraged me to talk about what it was I was experiencing and taught me the basics of meditation and relaxation techniques - how to turn off.
Thirdly a close friend who also experienced similar occurrences and was happy to listen to me.
The lesson I had to learn was control. To pick what I thought was relevant and block the rest. That's not to say random things don't still come to mind. Just that I COULD and CAN say no, not today, or as DJ Drood said to bugger off. Because if you allow it to go on incessantly it can and will isolate you and drive you crazy.
If you have access to a councillor or someone who able to teach you relaxation/meditation skills, I feel these may be a benefit to you. If you feel you need more professional assistance, by all means seek it. But please do not feel you are alone. There are a lot of us out there with similar problems. Sometimes just having a safe place to fall when it gets to much is just as important.
I don't know I would go so far as to call this a "gift" however IF you can learn to harness and control it - it can be a useful tool.
I hope you may find this useful

Re: hallucinations or dream

Posted: 08 May 2012, 05:04
by Kishi
A good neurologist is under-rated. It took me 38 years to get diagnosed with a sleep disorder that caused excessive daytime dreaminess and led to frequent relationship problems. I've learned to manage the problem without drugs, e.g. the dawn wakes me not an alarm clock. That said, we are unable to define or understand conciousness - we simply do not have the physics, mathematics or biology. I like to read Roger Penrose on the dilemma. The most useful idea I have adopted, from a speculating physicist, is that there are different levels of consciousness within each individual, and the secret is to manage, or 'control' as Kytty rightly says, how the consciousness is applied to your immediate environment, the 'soul' within or the central 'spirit' that connects with everything and everyone. Eastern mysticism has much to say on this. Western science points to consciousness as energy, but we cannot prove it yet - Edgar Mitchell's account of super-consciousness in the Apollo 14 capsule is worth reading. I'm still learning what the Druid has to say.