The Ten Commandments of Rational Debate

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The Ten Commandments of Rational Debate

Post by treegod » 26 May 2013, 21:43

I thought this was especially apt to share here with you guys. :D

(couldn't show the image here for some reason)

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Re: The Ten Commandments of Rational Debate

Post by Dysgwr » 27 May 2013, 07:19

Good find treegod! Would be good to be able to post that in here on the banner
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Re: The Ten Commandments of Rational Debate

Post by Sciethe » 27 May 2013, 18:00

Loving it.
That's going to be my desktop for a while.
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Re: The Ten Commandments of Rational Debate

Post by Opal » 27 May 2013, 18:56

That is great. Being post on a Druid form, it reminds me of The Instructions of King Cormac (the earliest copy we have is from the 1300s but might originally be much older than that, from pre-Christian times).

In it, King Cormac gives wise advice on rational debate:
“O Cormac, grandson of Conn”, said Carbery, “What is the worst pleading and arguing?”

“Not hard to tell”, said Cormac.
"Contending against knowledge,
contending without proofs
taking refuge in bad language
a stiff delivery
a muttering speech
uncertain proofs,
despising books
turning against custom
shifting one’s pleading
inciting the mob
blowing one’s own trumpet
shouting at the top of one’s voice."
I had always thought of myself as a critical thinker, but until I learned about the tools such as the ones you posted I had no idea just how woolly my thinking could be.

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Re: The Ten Commandments of Rational Debate

Post by Aoife » 22 Jun 2013, 06:46


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Re: The Ten Commandments of Rational Debate

Post by Red Raven » 03 Jul 2013, 10:51

I've always thought that it's better not to raise your voice but to improve your argument.
I would rather ask questions than sit comfortably in silence.


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