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Postby Fil.F. » 02 Feb 2015, 03:47

What is said about the sides of the oak? The answer is “Taebomnai”.

“Taebomnai, consonants, that is, taebuaim n-ai, side
seam of them ; or to the sides of the oaks they are, X
that is, to the sides of the chieftain wood they are
or taebomnai, i.e., cutting of material, from the fact
that material for the words is cut out of them. Why
did he say taeb uaiin n-ui, that is, side harmony of
poetry,.'for...” (Auracept 412)

Today if you want to take more information about, nothing its found, as always will be. Its essential knowledge about druidry…take care with fake druidry around the world.

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