Welcome new Host DaRC!

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Welcome new Host DaRC!

Postby Selene » 19 Mar 2010, 04:52

Hi, everyone,

Since Eithireach retired a couple of weeks ago we've been without a host here in Circle of Stones, but DarC has graciously agreed to join the team and help out. For those who don't know, DaRC has been a member since the board was 4 days old and is a regular poster in these parts, so he was a natural for the job! Please welcome him to his new duties here in Celtic Studies and Mythology and Lore! :applause:

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Re: Welcome new Host DaRC!

Postby Dryadia2 » 19 Mar 2010, 13:57

Greetings and Welcome DaRC! :hug:

Peace and Blessings,
:dryadia: /|\
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Re: Welcome new Host DaRC!

Postby DaRC » 19 Mar 2010, 14:34

Hi all,
firstly thanks to Eilthireach for his great job as host here before he had to move onto greater things.
I was happy to be asked to come here as Host - it's where I lurk anyway so I'm now an official lurker :grin:
I've been with OBOD for 10 years now and am almost at the end of my Ovate journey through the OBOD Gwers. Like Eilthireach I follow a Germanic Druid path; which Eilthireach assures me doesn't exclude me from hosting the Celtic forums!

I live in sunny Sussex-by-the-sea not far from the home of OBOD, my Dad's family come Wessex and my Mum's (before the move to Cornwall) from Yorkshire. But the further we examine the family tree it can be seen we're european mongrels with a bit of scottish, a dash of spanish and a few doses of german. My grandparents lived in West Cornwall, in Penzance, so I spent much time as a youngster down there - I was weaned on the myths and folklore of that area. This is where my love of folklore really started.

I'm just about to start learning Cornish, the unified version, I've been dabbling with learning bits until now but being a host here has given me impetus to become more focussed. My grandfather helped with the re-creation of Cornish during the 40's and 50's so it seems the best Celtic language for me to learn as I have a family connection.

Other than that welcome one and all to The Circle of Stones, I'll do my best to be as good a host as Eilthireach :hug:
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Re: Welcome new Host DaRC!

Postby Ade Sundog » 19 Mar 2010, 16:35

Awl the best to you Darc :shake:

Og - Ha - Be

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Re: Welcome new Host DaRC!

Postby Illiam » 18 Jun 2010, 19:57

Im currently doing the Ovate Grade. I live in the Isle of Man and have been learning Manx Gaelic (Gaelg) for nearly two years now.
I notice there is no current reference to Gaelg in the Celtic language forum and was wondering if maybe I could rectify this, albeit in my role as an early learner of the language.
The language is undergoing a renaissance on the Island with many new adult learners and interest from academics off the Island. Although you could say that it is not widely spoken, it is taught in schools to interested pupils.
It is my connection with the land and Druidry that inspired me to learn the language of this Ellan Vannin. :)

Sheeain...Illiam (Billy Dickinson)

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