A Call for Submissions

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Grey Mare
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A Call for Submissions

Postby Grey Mare » 29 Jan 2015, 15:42

I hope this isn't too intrusive a post for the forum. I am putting together a devotional anthology which I aim to get published by the end of the year.

There is a constellation over our landscape; there is a constellation of Great Goddesses of the Land, of Sovereignty and of the Horse. From the Indo-European origins of Horse Goddesses to the Medieval Rhiannon of the Mabinogion, The Grey Mare has rode upon the Hills above us.

We invite submissions for a devotional anthology dedicated to the Horse Goddesses of Sovereignty and the Land. We are calling for works on a number of related subjects that form the constellation. Essays should be no longer than 5000 words. We also invite original works of prose and poetry, artwork and ritual/devotional material. Essays of an academic nature should be referenced

Suggested topics for submission:

Rhiannon, Rigantona and Epona
Horse Goddesses; their origins, myths and associations.
Goddesses and Sovereignty
Sovereignty and the Landscape
Horses and their connections to Goddesses of the Land and Sovereignty
Indo-European connections to horses, Goddesses and the Landscape

If you are interested, we invite you to submit a 200-300 word abstract outlining your intended work, submitted in an email rather than as an attachment.

Included should also be a short biography of yourself outlining your experience and interests.

For more information and details on submissions, drop by at http://www.greymarebooks.co.uk/the-grey ... -hill.html

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OBOD Ovate
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Re: A Call for Submissions

Postby illion » 30 Jan 2015, 08:10

Oh, what an interesting project :wow:

I will certainly see if I have anything to offer at the moment.

Grey Mare
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Re: A Call for Submissions

Postby Grey Mare » 23 Apr 2015, 21:54

Just a reminder!

It is only 10 days until the full moon; when many devotees of The Grey Mare will lay out offerings and say hymns of praise for her return from the Otherworld.

It is only 10 days until the deadline for submissions to our first devotional anthology; The Grey Mare on the Hill.

We are still welcoming submissions of interest to be involved in this devotional project. Our only criteria be that your submissions is a devotional work to the Horse Goddesses; the Goddess of the Land and of Sovereignty.
Simply email us up to 300 words outlining your proposed submission. Final devotional works will be asked for by late summer with a view to collating them into the final volume in time for a midwinter release.

http://www.greymarebooks.co.uk/the-grey ... -hill.html

For any other information or queries, email greymarebooks@gmail.com

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