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The Triskele

Posted: 12 Apr 2015, 16:30
by bolgios
The Triskele/Golden ratio in Celtic archaeology: ... le-spiral/

Re: The Triskele

Posted: 07 Jul 2015, 06:17
by Fil.F.
So good, very nice images !!!

It's a crucial touch for celtic meditations and also for science. That three cosmic fluids of our world, exapands for all the universe as light.
The flux between them is pure chemical, and is the natural path for the formation of precious metals and precious stones, like gold and diamond
and other series of minerals like limestone. And this can be observed on the course of a river, on the ocean and rain. The Earth, the water and the air together in flux, unified by the sun light and reflected for all the space.

I discover a meditation way, that give us the power, the unbeliveble power for use a magic wand or hand for develope visible magic powers and light effects. Based
basicaly on the Triskel.

The scenary is the forest iluminated by the sun, with two hands together meditate controlling the breath, counting three seconds between them,
and at the same time observe the flux of blood and oxygen on the flesh of the hands.

In few minutes some chemicall reaction is happening, this is the faith. It's a charging of pure energy. Devolve, render this energy for the sun and the Triquetra
will shinne in our world.