Dragon and Chimera of Cymru.

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Dragon and Chimera of Cymru.

Post by chimera » 19 May 2006, 02:04

The UK Arms have the goat-lion chimera-unicorn as supporter, from the Arms of the Kings of Scots. It was gifted to James I when he married Jane Beaufort 1420. Regent John of Lancaster flew the chimera flag in France 1422. Henry VII flew Y Ddraig Goch flag and Yale chimera flag in 1485.
If H VII depended on Cymric troops to claim the throne , and to save his life, would he inspire those men to battle England's army with a mere "gentleman's classical whimsy", as the yale goat-lion has been described?
The dragon and yale goat-lion are together on Gundestrup cauldron.
They are together in Greek legend about Celts:
Diodorus ascribed to Scythians the legend of their dragon (Echidna) origin.
His record of Celtic origin from Echidna is logically also authentic.
Brettanos of Gaul was father of Echidna Kelto dragon who was mother of Chimera goat-lion, the sister of Keltos warrior-king.
The white "Horse" of Uffington 1400-600BC has horns too big for ears, a  skull too short for a horse, a beard (please, not a gasping bird-beak!) ,
curved rear legs too thick for horse shins and thicker than the front legs and a tail too thin for a horse. The "beak" hangs vertically as if broken - what a pathetic guardian of the ceremonial fort as a "horse".
From one angle that goat-lion chimera is seen to arise from Dragon Hill.
It faces many graves at the Uffington fort.
Chimera battled Greeks in Lydia, Asia Minor and retreated to Lycia where she became Mount Olympias volcano as guardian of Hades. - H.Rose "Handbook of Greek Myth" Methuen. p.83.   Homer was aware of Cimmerians who battled Greeks in Lydia and retreated to Lycia.
Zeus flung Echidna into Mount Etna volcano for claiming that Chimera was equal to Athena war-goddess. Chimera yale is carved above Windsor castle, where bishops wear chimere of camelot goat-wool for Knights of the Garter.- OED "camlat 'chimere'.
J.Fontenrose. "Python ..etc." UCal. Cam.1959.p.98.
Etymologicon Magnum 502.   Partheneion Alcman 30.      Diodorus 5.24.
Y Ddraig Goch is said to derive from Roman dragon banners. The banner in Koblenz Museum has a dragon in "fish-style" with no legs or wings, as these were medieval additions.  Echidna viper-woman, like the goat-snake on Gundestrup and Python snake-man of Delphi is the original form of Y Ddraig Goch. It seems she was around when Uffington was created, which puts Celtic presence in Britain back a few years.
John Welch.


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