The importance of good translation!!!

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The importance of good translation!!!

Post by Claer » 16 Aug 2006, 14:59

The importance of good translation!!!
Claer /|\

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Post by ~*Blackbird*~ » 16 Aug 2006, 19:41


On the one hand it's amusing,on the other it's quite appalling that such a mistake can be made!There was a news bulletin about mistakes made in the National Eisteddfod aswell.Absolutely crazy!

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Gwilym Goch
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Post by Gwilym Goch » 27 Oct 2006, 21:21

Typical. Almost as good (or bad) as the Tesco store in Wrecsam which put 'Cyfareddu' alongside 'Entrance' above their front door. 'Cyfareddu' means to en-trance, as in cast a spell over. There's more to it than meats the eye obviously.

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Post by tannos » 06 May 2007, 02:56

Am I allowed to be really horrible and point out a mistake the last post.

Gwilym Goch wrote: There's more to it than meats the eye obviously."

As an Englishman (a welshspeaking on aswell..which makes things even more amusing) living in Germany I get things like this all the time..where people have tried to translate German to English or otherwise.

Eg. Germans now seem to like the English/American phrase "Coffee to go" which they, by the way hyphonate creating "Koffee to-go". My Ex had a customer (he works in a bakery) who translated that literally to "Kaffee, der mitläuft" meaning " A coffee that walks in tow".
We also have the case where the Germans wont have it that in English you don't "take" a coffee, you either buy it or have it or in America you can also get it....this mistake is great when putting up signs!
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