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welsh mutations

Postby ~*Blackbird*~ » 21 Apr 2007, 12:01

Hello there,

Came across this weblink whilst searching for an explanation on mutations for a friend.It's very good and very informative, the only thing is that it's all in welsh which might be a problem for beginners.

Otherwise I hope it helps someone and if anyone needs a little help with the welsh or finding their way around the site, I'd be happy to help out.



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Postby Art » 21 Apr 2007, 17:09

Good find Sam! Thanks for posting it!

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Re: welsh mutations

Postby xxglennxx » 20 Dec 2008, 00:35

Os y fydd hi'n rhywbeth bod gennyf afael ohono, mae'n y treigladau!

Pan fydd pobl yn defnyddio y Gymraeg yn anghywir, wedyn efo fi, mae'n iawn (os dysgwyr ydynt), heblaw am y treigladau! Pan fyddynt yn eu defnyddio nhw, dwi'n jyst fel *crynfa*. LOL.



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Re: welsh mutations

Postby tannos » 21 Dec 2008, 12:38

why didn't some clever dick put that up while I was at university....it would have helped......LOTS....I was always getting told off for mutating wrong....the lecturers didn't really get that I taught myself Welsh, then took an A-level, so I didn't really have someone to not let me get into bad habits :-(
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