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"Double" letters

Post by Dysgwr » 06 Jun 2007, 08:49


The thought just struck me - and I cant find an answer anywhere - that if there are certain letter combinations, in Welsh, that only count as one letter (e.g. CH, LL etc) then how are these capitalised at the begining of a word...

Is it right to put LLoyd or Lloyd

Thanks for the insight.

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Post by free_floating » 07 Jun 2007, 17:14

As far as I have found, it's Lloyd. So, just one ...  Llewellyn is written with one capital letter as well
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Post by ~*Blackbird*~ » 07 Jun 2007, 19:47

Any double letters in Welsh are only capitalised with the first part e.g dd-Dd ll-Ll ff-Ff and so forth! :)
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