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Welsh in Berlin

Post by tannos » 03 Aug 2008, 14:33

ok....take two (technically challenged old me :-P)

yes well...start again.......ok.....way back when i was 15 I started to learn WElsh (and Irish, just Welsh seemed easier) and I got to the point where I had an Alevel and two years of a degree....unfortunatey for my Welsh, but not for my German, life/fate/whatever brought me to Berlin, where I met my best mate Klaus (who Im trying to force to learn Welsh - and -credit where it's due, he's learning, just he doesnt invest enough time - so this is taking a while) - and I met my darling Lars - who speaks English and French....oh and German obviously......anyway....ive now found myself stuck and noone is around, with whom I can converse......so here's the question, does anyone know of anybody who is living in or around Berlin (ie. Brandenburg) who speaks Welsh and wouldnt mind talking to me for a while everyso often, so that my Welsh doesnt die out on me ``????????
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