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Welsh Translation help -Please

Posted: 01 Oct 2009, 15:11
by IeuanAmwythig
One of my bardic study partners and I have been working on our "physical" sacred grove that we plan to register with the OBOD sacred grove planting programme. The grove in on a somewhat forested area that was taken over by an invasive plant in our area called Japanese honeysuckle that has invaded woodlands, fence rows and fields in our area and outcomptes and kills native wild flowers, shrubs and tree seedlings. We cleaned up/ removed the invader, created a stone circle about 20 feet (sorry still on the Imperial system here) in diameter with a small firepit in the middle and have planted yews, holly's, boxwoods, drawf hemlock (North american tree) and juniper around the circle. We also planted several oaks (they are 7 or 8 feet sapplings at the moment) and a willow in addition to some leland cypress (also native and evergreen here). In November about 20 more 3-4 foot deciduous trees will arrive from the Arbor society and we will plant them (Oaks, ash, elm, hazel, etc). The area also already has mature oaks, maples, walnut, and several other varieties of trees growing. All this to ask for a little help with somthing if possible. We have been "brainstorming" a name for the grove. We want to call it "The Grove of Our lady and the lord Lleu" Our lady of course, refers to the goddess. We would actually like the name to be the Welsh translation for the phrase. Both of us are partially of Wesh decent, and with all of the Welsh used in the OBOD course work, it seems appropriate. I used an online translation program and it gave me "Celli chan ein wraig a'r arglwydd Lleu." But I am well aware that these programs do not always give the best translation, and we hoped that perhaps there as a native or at lest fluent Welsh speaker could help us out and keep us from completly botching up the translation.

Re: Welsh Translation help -Please

Posted: 13 Oct 2009, 02:27
by xxglennxx
Celli chan ein wraig a'r arglwydd Lleu means little nothing in Welsh (garbage, literally).

Celli - grove
Chan - <nothing>
ein - our
(G)wraig - wife (incorrectly mutated)
A'r arglwydd Lleu - and the lord Lleu

A more precise translation would be, "Celli ein Boneddiges a'r Arglwydd Lleu," which literally translated to "[The] Grove of our Lady and the Lord Lleu."