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English-Gaelic edition of Dwelly's

Posted: 23 Dec 2006, 22:37
by Eoin Dubh
There is a project afoot to re-publish Dwelly's Gaelic-English Dictionary and then do an English-Gaelic version. This will be a great assett to Gaelic learner's worldwide. Check out their website in his sig below for more information on Gaelic learning resources.
26 October, 2006
A chàirdean còire,

As many of you know, with the encouragement of many of you, we have initiated a Dwelly's publishing project. We hope to reproduce Dwelly's Gaelic-English Dictionary in a larger, newly typed format, with the aim of then producing an English-Gaelic edition at a later date. Some 15+ volunteers have to date typed and proofed roughly 200 of the 1030 pages of Dwelly's Dictionary.

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Re: English-Gaelic edition of Dwelly's

Posted: 12 Mar 2010, 12:20
by treegod
Fantastic, thank you. I'll keep that for future reference.