The Book of Deer

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The Book of Deer

Post by Eoin Dubh » 02 Oct 2009, 05:31

One of the books that Google has scanned and made available online is The Book of Deer. The URL is ... 00stuagoog.

The Book of Deer (Cambridge University Library, MS. Ii.6.32) is 10th-century Latin Gospel Book from Old Deer, Aberdeenshire, Scotland, with early 12th-century additions in Latin, Old Irish and Scottish Gaelic. It is most famous for containing the earliest surviving Gaelic literature from Scotland. It may be the oldest surviving manuscript produced in Scotland (although see Book of Kells), and is notable for having originated in what is now considered a Lowland area. The book has 86 folios and measures 54 mm by 107 mm. It is in a modern binding. It is written on vellum in brown ink.

The copy that Google scanned is the edition edited by Stuart, J. for The Spalding Club in 1869.

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