Looking for Irish Gaelic Translators

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Looking for Irish Gaelic Translators

Postby StormeRider » 24 Feb 2010, 03:30

Hey all :)

(First, please let me know if this message is posted in the wrong place, or if it is unwelcome here on the OBOD forums. As a forum administrator myself, I hate spam and will respect whatever ruling any mods may hand down.)

I work for LiveMocha.com, which is an language-learning social network. We have some premium courses, such as French, Spanish, Active English, but we also have many free courses, such as Arabic. Many of the free courses have actually been translated with the help of our wonderful community through our member translation system on the site.

We are currently working through Scots Gaelic, which has had all of the writing elements translated and are pending finalization in our rating system. We are also specifically looking to add more translators to the Irish Gaelic language, which is the reason I am posting here, as I know there are several Irish speakers present on the forums.

If you're interested, please sign up for a http://livemocha.com account and then drop an email to olga@livemocha.com. Thank you for your help in sharing a wonderful language with an even broader audience!


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