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TSG - The Fferyllt

Post by Creirwy » 20 Nov 2006, 22:44

Otherwise known as Temperence, Art of Alchemy... here we have the fferyllt... who Ceridwen visited to learn how to create the precious drops of Awen for Afagddu.

Here the alchemist is busy at work, constantly working her magic to forge and bring the powers of the universe to create, sustain and maintain the universe. Looking intently at the vessels of red and white liquid she tells me 'the trick isnt to be equal, but sometimes its the careful unbalanced mixtures that make them most beautiful of things' ... could she be making gold? What else could she be making?
When I think of this card I think of fusion... linked to the Lovers, to the Hierophant but also the latter half of the major arcana I think of her taking the old lore and traditions, working it with what is meant to be, what is lacking or is needed to create the present. Theres alot of work on making things 'whole' and perfecting the moment in this card for me.

For me there is a huge sense of fire and water, and the backdrop of glastonbury is perfect for that. I feel that glastonbury, the place of the red and white springs, the tor dominating the landscape and all the myths of it being a place of spiritual working and learning really makes it seem like the HQ of the ovate. Or maybe thats just me lol.

I love all the little symbols, similiar to the Lovers card of the sun and moon, snake and the egg etc. The constant seeking and deep attraction, the real quest of the holy grail that is innate in balance is like magic to me!

Do you see the alchemist as Brighid? Do you feel that its a place of experimentation and learning? When I feel a bit lost its always this particular card that brings the importance of imbalance and balance into focus..rather an imbalance yet whole, than to be missing something completely!

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Post by Donata » 16 Dec 2006, 12:11

This picture shows a very precise detailed process. The chemicals and their qualities need to be understood, as well as how they work together. Impulsiveness won't suceed in this operation. It requires knowledge and discipline, as well as patience and determination to manifest what is desired. When we are impatient and try to rush the process, we may cause our own failure. It takes years of study to become a successful alchemist, herbalist, or any other profession. We don't gain knowledge  overnight. The reward of patience and discipline may be wisdom. This card emphasizes the path of balance and moderation and learning how to blend various ingredients, whether in magick or a soup, into an harmonious whole.
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Post by Anam Cara » 03 Jun 2007, 13:29

I have just purchased this beautiful deck of cards and was wondering, how do you pronounce fferyllt? Thanks in advance! :shrug:
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Post by coyoteblack » 13 Aug 2007, 16:58

78 weeks Fferyllt Druidcraft

Physical description
We have a beautiful blond woman with a blue dress and red cape pouring red liquid from a beaker into a gold bowl. Glastonbury is in the background with the Tor dominating the landscape there is a rainbow going across the water( symbol of iris?).

Now for the symbols. we have a snake about to open his mouth and swallow and egg with a  star of David(hexagram) with a circle in it( transformation meats creation ?)  

They are masks of what appears of men carved in the wall  and in the greenery by the roof. Witching stones hanging from the rafters as well as another star of David( or 2 triangles going in 2 separate directions I think this is the symbol of male /female and/or water/fire. and not to be forgotten is the broom in the corner I am not sure if this is just supposed to be a regular broom or the broom Wiccans use to spiritually sweep away bad mojo before a circle is caste.

First Impressions
This card seems to be about creativity , moderation, balance , combining different elements. The combinations appear to be opposite parts of one entity.

Number, Element, Question asked

Question asked; this card  asks if we are practicing moderation? Can we blend other elements into our life to make it whole?

Element: fire  this card focus on the creativity of the element and the out put of some of those combinations  is energy, also she is mixing fire and water , to make steam ( air)

Number 5
This was the hard part for this card. 5’s are about change and some times the trauma that causes them. This is really good for this card because it shows the “other side” of this card. once we mix fire and water , we have steam
steam is neither bad or good but it is changed.

Talking with the card:
I just asked for help because this card was getting really hard.
what I got back was this is a card of doing and making and that it is also about patience and waiting, sometimes the best things we can do it nothing.

Bringing it all together
Temperance can be about moderation at first this card showed pouring water into wine to allow a person to drink with out feeling the effect. With Fire being that will power, creative energy and 5’s being about change and many of the symbols showing combining opposite forces like man and woman ( 2 triangles) and the snake of transformation about to swallow the egg off creation this card seems to be more about combining apparent opposites to form something new. The 5’s  and fire also give us a hind to what ca happens if this card goes “ bad” unwilling to combine other forced or see other ideas .look at the 5’s in the minor arcane and we can see what happens if we get single minded. This is one of those cards that are so good it is hard to find something bad about it even the 5 of  wands( fire) is the least painful of the 5’s

Good bad and indifferent.

Good: learning moderation , willing to combine things to form some thing new overcoming a problem . being creativity,

Bad:  alcoholism, going to extremes, having blinders on

Indifferent: using the entire self i.e.: not being just physical but also being emotional and/or spiritual

PS  This card was real hard and I still do not feel secure that I " got it" yet.

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Re: TSG - The Fferyllt

Post by Argenta » 28 Jul 2010, 20:10

I know this is a really old topic to revive, but I just wanted to share some thoughts of my own, since it was this card that has brought me to tarot, and I find it very relevant for my own life at the present moment. Also, I will focus on a motif that has not yet been discussed -- the rainbow.

The rainbow was what originally attracted me to the card, because there has been an unusually high occurrence of rainbows in my life, both in the physical sense (a lot of storms and rainbows in the sky around my house lately) and in the more metaphorical one (anything from my daughter watching Fairytopia with the dominant theme of rainbow colors to randomly visiting sites displaying rainbows on their Home pages). And then it was this card. Perhaps I would have stopped there, just admiring another "incidental" appearance of a rainbow, if there was not a clear connection to Brighid, the goddess who has crept into my life and enriched it immensely by her presence these last few months. So I began researching, although I am a complete newbie to tarot.

I found it really interesting where the rainbow comes from: it was originally connected to Iris, the messenger of the gods who appears on a rainbow, whose flowers adorn this card from Rider-Waite on. As I see it, it is a symbol of connectedness between the otherworld and this one, a relationship in which it is of utmost importance to keep a clear head, neither swaying with one's emotions, nor disbelieving it due to hard-core reason. I also link the alchemical process with this: by combining/relating/connecting the two elements that seem disparate, a third one, oftentimes more valuable (such as gold), is formed.

Here are some other pic's of temperance that show irises/rainbows as well:
Iris quarter.jpg
Iris quarter.jpg (6.7 KiB) Viewed 4362 times
iris as temperance.jpg
iris as temperance.jpg (13.38 KiB) Viewed 4362 times
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