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TSG - Cernunnos

Post by Creirwy » 11 Jan 2007, 11:26

Well, its been a while since I posted about the Fferyllt, and partly its because I've been so wrapped up in this card that I haven't had the distance to write something here for you all!
Heres the Cernunnos card - which in other decks is seen as the Devil, or in other pagan decks as the Horned One or Pan.
This card is one of Power. Power over yourself, the things (alcohol, materialism, drugs, sex for a very small list! ) and people you let have power over you, how you hold power over others. Other Devil cards seem to show how you are tied to these things, like you seem to have no control over what you bind yourself too. In this card though I get a strong sense of 'facing your demons' to wake up from the 'sleep' and become completely aware of what you are doing to yourself and others.

The sleeping couple and the eerie penetrating eyes of the God are for me the most important symbols in this card. When I've done pathworkings with this card sometimes the couple are still asleep, sometimes one is awake and once both were awake. There is a lot to visit and revisit in this card more than others because in our western world we bind ourselves to things which arent our responsibility, or we are too quick to give responsibility and power of choice to someone else. As druidry is a path of self exploration and truth seeking, its in this card that you can truly find and lose yourself simultaniously!

In some of the 'dark druid craft' threads we have talked about if we have the power of heal, then we have the power to destroy. Well in the Cernunnos card we can understand that as we have been destroying ourselves, of manipulating or hurting others, we have the power to heal and learn from our mistakes.

However its not an easy ride! Like the big looming monster in the dark, trying to deal with our issues is difficult! We want to avoid the monster, run away and bury our heads further into the sand. Cernunnos is like the alarm bell in the morning, asking you to wake up and realise your power, your connection to nwyfre and responsibility as a positive and empowering thing. Or you can just roll over and hit the snooze button and he'll leave you there to rot and feeling unfulfilled

Cernunnos or the Devil card isnt an easy card to explain in a reading, artly because of the overly christian overtones for most of us are difficult to swallow. It can be hard to listen to someone else telling you to examine your life. If we dont want to hear the advice we selectively hear bits about it and roll over back to sleep.

Are you hearing the alarm bells? The footsteps and singing of Pan's Pipes or Cernunnos' song? Are you waking up? Or would you rather go back to sleep and live a absent-minded and disconnected life?

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Post by coyoteblack » 17 Aug 2007, 19:53

Cernunnos 78 weeks druidcraft

Physical description:
Cernunnos is standing in the Forrest with green light behind him. He has eerie colored eyes staring at a couple naked people . The couple look like they just finished having sex and are passed out on the Forrest floor with a huge god looking right at them.

First impressions:

The couple were so into one another that they passed out and are so oblivious that a rather large god is looking at them and they are still completely unaware. On one side the energy and passion they “ put into” one another must have been fierce but wonderful . On the other hand excess is never a good thing, they can be taken advantage of or completely taken unaware in that helpless state.

Question asked, Number , Element

Question: when is enough of a good thing to much?
Element-Earth ,   While we are in a earthly existence we might as well enjoy all the pleasures, but we can go to excess, this card is just as mush about enjoying our earthly pleasures  and experiencing the passions the spiritual energy that we have, as about addiction, obsession, compulsiveness.
Number-6 : 6’s are about balance , harmony a reprieve after the challenges of the 5’s ,the 6 shows the positive side of this card well . if we have harmony and balance with our passions  we will be having fun and enjoying life to its fullest . If we let our desires and passions control us we will be addicted  and /or obsessive.

Talking with the card:
The big guy seemed to be laughing , but when the couple get up and went at it again he seemed a little concerned, like a dad watching his kids at play but worrying if they will play to rough, and hurt themselves. I get the impression he wants them to learn on there own.

Bringing it all together :
I think of the god in this card as kind of a yield sign, the card in it self is a good card in this deck. It says "enjoy your earthly pleasures ", "have fun !!" "enjoy passion ". This man and woman had great sex and did not harm any one.
But this card also warns of of over abundance, addiction, obsessiveness, obesity.  the 6 and earth combined are about harmony of earthly pleasures,. If we choose not to be balanced and/or harmonious we will pay the price. Also if you break the cards down into 3 triads taking the fool out ( he is us) this card starts the 3 triad. Each triad begins with a new view or way of being with  the great energy nwyfyre /prana, chi and/or Ki. we first experienced it in the magician then learned to control it in strength and know we learn to embrace it in this card. all 3 come with warnings this one says be careful you don’t turn passions into obsession.

The good , bad and the indifferent

The good: enjoyment of life and its bounty. Spiritual energy flowing through you “ taking the bull by the horns", passion.

The bad: obsession, possession, compulsion, addiction, prison of you own making

Indifferent: being part of the moment spiritual energy balance about to move but unsure of where to go.

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Re: TSG - Cernunnos

Post by Elsdyr » 06 Aug 2008, 00:05


(I have never worked with formal tarot, but have many-years' extensive work with the Elder Futhark. I say this to make it clear I hold zero preconceptions with these cards.)

As there is no 'devil' in my pantheon, laughing, I certainly did not have that dualistic myth in mind on first looking at this card. What I did see in this card is an otherworld Guardian waiting for questions to be asked, and two people being satisfied with what they already have, so much so they are drowsy with their stasis. I see this as a lesson on being too easily satisfied with limited sensual pleasures. His expression seems to be one of challenge, or even a mock anger, at their complacency. He is offering power, He is standing right nearby, and he wonders how humans can be so consistently placated by the easily obtainable. The ferns are symbolizing their self-induced invisibility from the other worlds, their separation from the full of reality, and perhaps the Guardian's 'hidden' beautiful, knowledgeable side. The ivy in the man's hair is symbolic of 'divine madness' induced by intoxicants, amongst other things.

Is it alright I say this?

"Will money pay for all the days I lived awake but half asleep?" Primitive Radio Gods

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Re: TSG - Cernunnos

Post by illion » 01 Feb 2009, 14:44

Nice posts, everyone. Very interesting to read.

I had what I call a Cernunnos experience yesterday. We spent time outdoors in the forest in a situation that normally drains me because of to much time indoors. I went through a small conflict beforehand because I wanted to not go to the event because I couldn't find the energy to cope with it. Somebody almost forced me to go, putting my interests aside totally. I ended up losing this conflict of interest, but Cernunnos seemed to help me with his presence.

He showed up in my daily reading as how to help me with my challenges :)

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Re: TSG - Cernunnos

Post by DreamOn » 22 Feb 2009, 02:04

I see Cernunnos as the card of lust. Lust for power, sex, drugs, money, food - whatever has the ability to make you lose control. He was the devil to the Christians because they believed in avoiding this power as opposed to attempting to control it. It was not money, after all, that was the root of all evil, it was the love of money or the lust for money. One of the great tasks of life is learning mastery, control, self discipline. This achievement is actually one of the greatest of life's challenges and can be one of its greatest rewards. I see Cernunnos as challenging our ability to obtain that mastery. Do we take up the challenge and engage him? Or run from the challenge and brand him as a devil?


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Re: TSG - Cernunnos

Post by Fox » 07 May 2010, 16:39

Just a couple of observations to throw in about this card.

The lovers are sleeping and the figure of Cernunnos is bathed in an ethereal glow. This to me suggests he is appearing to them in his sleep, perhaps suggesting that he is a subconscious part of our natures, operating not on a conscious level.

Also, that one glowing eye is obsessing me. Has it reminded anyone else of Odin, who willingly gave up an eye to gain infinite wisdom? So the element of sacrifice might come in to play. Imagine him with both eyes blacked out, or both eyes open and glowing and you have very different images, there is an aspect here of inward looking and outward looking, similar to the Crane stance of the old druids, standing on one leg and with one hand tucked behind the back, one eye closed - half in this world and half in the other world.

Just my tuppence worth!
yr pal, Fox

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– Robert Herrick, from 'The Coming of Good Luck'

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Re: TSG - Cernunnos

Post by Fox of the Oaks » 27 Jul 2010, 03:52

I created a list of questions to approach this card with, then filled in my answers. Here is what I came up with, they are my own personal reflections.

What is my initial reaction to this card?
The Horned God is looming over the couple, deeply rooted in the Earth, but deeply focused on the nature of their state, their story, their behaviour.

What feelings of the heart does this card bring to me?
A feeling of the importance of acting in natural balance, with a deeper ethical awareness of life.

What is my gut feeling about this card?
Everything is in the right place, happening according to natural orchestration.

What do I think about this card?
Within this natural orchestration is a certain space of learning, of being and growth according to certain strict tenants of wisdom and truth, but there is also patience from the God. This strictness is also accepting and give space for beings to learn.
There is also a sense of sleeping humanity, while the God watches in patient anger, they appear irresponsible about their position in the universe, seeking their own release through indulgence (which is okay, rather natural for humans). The God seems to suggest that they really need to move on, but when they are ready; he is willing to wait for them.
The God is large and knows great places and ways of life - he plays in a bigger realm, yet is approaching these yet-to-fully-flower humans, for when the time comes they can enter the next phase of evolution - to go where he goes. He appears as a guide for this journey, waiting, yet also seems to know that time is limited.

Are there any particular symbols or aspects of the image that stand out?
His hanging arms, show his power and capability, in a state of ease, deliberately inactive or relaxed. His horns are big and heavy, but he is still strong enough to hold such power; he is contained in power, waiting, aware inwardly and outwardly. Light is with him from a 'greater' realm.

What words or sounds does this card issue?
Tu-a-way, sis-en-tor, a-kanst-sor

If this card had a single colour to it, what would it be?
Radiant yellow-green.

What do I interpret to be the essence of this card?
Natural guidance

What of the number related to this card?
The number 15, adds to make 6; balance, solar paths, father wisdom, natural balance leading to growth. Human nature (5) leading to Angelic Nature (7), through solar balance (6).

What might an opposite image of this card be like?
Indulgence, celebration, light-hearted joy; the star or sun perhaps, or the fool.


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