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Druidcraft Tarot - 7 of Swords

Postby Ryohei » 02 Jan 2011, 14:51


This is a card I have found tricky to read, especially in the reversed position. Many traditional (i.e. RW style) decks depict someone running away with an armful of swords, and the book interpretations enlarge on this imagery by suggesting trickery, deception and so on - even the Druidcraft book goes along these lines. The Druidcraft deck card, however, shows an old man writing at a desk, with seven swords lying on (or propped against) a table in front of him, and I have trouble relating this image to the text in the accompanying book.

I spent some time reflecting on this card, to see if I could come up with an approach I could relate to. What I arrived at is this (though it's still very much a Work in Progress): the old man is an advisor to the King of Swords. He is required to devise and put forward strategies of various kinds for the King to employ, and these strategies may sometimes involve actions that the old man himself does not approve of, as they may involve trickery or deception. The strategies are, however, necessary if the King is to achieve his objectives. Reversed, the card may suggest that the underhand nature of the strategies is about to be discovered/revealed/made public, or alternatively that there is a need to seek advice from an experienced/authoritative source in regard to some proposed course of action.

This, I was surprised to note, is more or less in line with what the Druidcraft book suggest, but I found that having given the card a "story", so to speak, I was then more able to find ways to apply in in a reading. Coincidentally (or maybe not!) it came up in a Celtic Cross reading I did for myself on New Year's Day, and I could make more sense of it having gib=ven the card some thought previously.

As I said, however, my interpretation is a Work in Progress, and I would be most grateful if some wiser/more experienced heads would be kind enough to offer their own thoughts.

Best wishes to all, for a happy, safe and peaceful 2011

Alan S.
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