Queen of Wands in DruidCraft-what does the quote mean?

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Queen of Wands in DruidCraft-what does the quote mean?

Postby Trailgirl » 12 Feb 2012, 14:26

I am using DruidCraft as the deck for my daily readings. I recently pulled out the Queen of Wands and looked up the "Meaning" in the accompanying book (from my question, I am pretty sure she does not signify a person in this reading) by Philip & Stephanie Carr-Gomm:
"it may represent a calling (..) to working with the powers of the land- particularly those related to the "fire in the earth" of dragon, or ley, lines."
I have no idea what the above could mean - can someone help me?

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Re: Queen of Wands in DruidCraft-what does the quote mean?

Postby fionay » 20 Feb 2012, 14:11

Hi I use this deck myself. Okay, i'm not an expert but I'll give this answer a go based on my own perception of the meaning. Wands are the suit of fire, of course, so the references of being called to work with the fire within the earth (dragons, ley lines) could be a linking of the two elements of fire and earth through this card, due to the fact that ley lines and dragons are representative of the dynamic, 'fiery' energy which the earth harbours. So whilst a calling towards working with the powers of the land is suggested, the fiery element of wands is still present with all of its characteristics, within the given context. :tor: I know that whenever i am close to a ley line, I certainly feel the fiery 'wandish' dynamic, within the context of an 'earthy' setting. I would suggest meditating on the card every day for a while in order to sense an interpretation of the meaning intuitively. Perhaps lay it on you altar and just look at it every day for however long feels right. Sometimes, for me, a 'sticky' card becomes clear that way:)

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Re: Queen of Wands in DruidCraft-what does the quote mean?

Postby Crystal Dragon » 21 Feb 2012, 11:50

Hello Trailgirl,

The tarot court cards can be a little confusing given as you mention , that they can be representative of a person in your life or indeed, bringing you energies to work with. You don't say how many cards you are drawing for your daily reading - just the one or perhaps you may be taking a few more. If you are drawing more than one card then the other cards may supply a clue for you. If you are drawing just one card each day, when you get a card that is unclear to you ib taking another this may help to clarify the card. That said, the Queen od Wands is full of motivation and energy. She radiates confidence and ahe knows what she wants. I wonder if you need any of these qualities at this time, it could also be that there is something you have been thinking about but not actually doing. The mixture of fire (energy/motivation) and earth (the world about us and being very practical, actually doing/making something) may be the energies here for you. Hope that helps a little in addition to fionay's comments :)

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