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Teaching the Tarot

Post by blackthorn » 08 Sep 2012, 21:58

Hi all. I'm a long time reader and teacher, but I was just asked to teach a one hour course on the tarot. My brian froze. :shrug: My normal course is 8 weeks... Does anyone teach and have any ideas for what one can accomplish in an hour?


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Re: Teaching the Tarot

Post by illion » 10 Sep 2012, 06:35

Hi, Blackthorn :)

Is this a course where the participants are supposed to bring their own cards or is this just supposed to be you talking to them about Tarot?

If it is a practical course, I think i would have given a very short introductory with the background of the Tarot and how the tarot deck is put together. Then I would have given the participants lots of examples and exercises on how to read the cards with an intuitively approach. Let them start out with doing some story-telling with the cards and go ahead with asking questions and getting answers. Then I would have ended the course with an exercise they can bring with them home and do every day to become better readers.

I personally don't think one needs much theory to use the cards well, what one needs is practice and someone to tell you what kind of exercises to do.

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