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Just starting out...again

Posted: 19 Sep 2012, 15:05
by StephenThomas
I have been "playing" with the tarot, for nearly five years. I own one deck, a RW. It seems that I go through cycles. I pick up the deck and use it for a month or two and then set it down for a couple of months. I find myself thinking that it is a bunch of crap, and setting it down, and then feeling called to it and picking it back up. As I near the end of my Bardic course and near the Ovate grade, I am thinking about ways of divination and opening to a deeper spiritual side. I attended a workshop on Ogham during the East Coast Gathering and this really got me thinking! This is making me pick the deck up again.

The problem is, I still need my books to remind me what the card meanings are. I have the general gist of it, but the deeper meanings still elude me. If I go on intuition alone, I feel fine about the reading until I check it against what "the book" says and find I am way off base.

What do you think? Should I look for something other than tarot since I don't seem to be getting it, or should I hunker down and live with them for a while. It is truly a love/hate relationship. Any insights will be appreciated!

Re: Just starting out...again

Posted: 19 Sep 2012, 16:16
by Aphritha
My personal opinion would be your insights are more valuable than what the book says. You've got to develop your own relationship with the deck, and if you find a card evokes something in your mind, I'd go with it. You could also experiment by doing a daily reading(I'd advise to use a three card spread, one for past, present, and future, just to keep from getting too complicated), and recording first what you intuitively get from the cards, then recording what the book says and see what's more head on at the end of the day.
You also could think about a different deck. I've had some decks that worked wonders, and others that were about as good to me for divination as toilet paper squares. Its best to build some sort of relationship with the deck...I like to meditate on each card, but this takes awhile.
If time goes on and you just can't seem to get it to work for you, there's nothing wrong with trying other divination tools...there's alot of good ones out there. :)

Re: Just starting out...again

Posted: 18 Apr 2016, 02:28
by BCPantheist
Personally, I understand the struggle with the veracity of the Tarot, and for me, there's no mystical power to it. I consider the numerical and symbolical meanings from a more rational approach, as archetypal. While I do love adding the depth and dimension of things like Kabbalah, what's most important is what symbols mean to you, as has already been said.

I've recently read a book called "Psychology and Tarot," by Rosengarten, and have found his suggestions for the use of the cards as tools to tap the Unconscious, and to inspire conversations, though he also cautions that using the Tarot is sometimes ill-advised, such as when someone has religious objections, or when s/he has codependency or other issues that might affect the results.

There are also numerous "Tarot-and" books that take the Tarot and toss-in other influences to expand the usefulness of the deck.