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Princess of Cups (Druidcraft card by card discussion)

Postby mabby » 12 Jan 2013, 15:36

Paikea, I thought I would share the responsibility of keeping this going. I hope Crinia will rejoin us at some point because the more people who contribute to this discussion, the richer we will all be.

Princess of Cups
page 23
keywords: sensitive, tender, imaginative

It is autumn, the young Princess stands on the shore of a stream-fed lake. She cradles a chalice in her hands and her eyes are closed.
It is sunset (we know this because moss grows on the north side of the trees, so she stands facing East with the West behind her).
Cups represents the element of WATER.

There is a face in the tree behind her which could represent the Green Man. My understanding of the Green Man is that he indicates "becoming" or transformation.
Her eyes are closed, hence she is looking inward --perhaps focused on developing her psychic abilities. Her youth indicates to me that she is a student . She has an affinity with the Moon (crescent on her brow) and could grow up to a priestess of the Moon.

I am not great with reversed cards, so some help would be welcome. It could mean that you could be overwhelmed by emotions or your imagination could be a bit too overactive. Perhaps it could mean you need to learn a bit about psychic shielding.

I have no idea what kind of a tree is behind her -- does anyone?

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