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DruidCraft study group the Two's

Postby coyoteblack » 17 Jun 2014, 04:51

The Two’s of DruidCraft

This week we look at the two’s. The two’s can mean choices, division, or as the book states the joining of the dance as the one splits off into another now the initial power of the ace has a partner to dance with which is why it can mean a relationship as most evidenced in the 2 of cups .

The Two of Wands
Two of Wands – The card has the Long Man of Willington of Sussex who stands at the edge of boundary of the forest and the plains. The two staves can represent a door way, and also standing at the edge of a forest where the grass is two separate colors and the trees also form what looks like a door.
The doorway symbolizes possibilities as the fiery nature of the wands is forced to split and wait. The element of fire does not like waiting on anything and likes to move forward but the tension is what is important for this suit.
Wands being a phallic symbol and fire being fire there is also a lot of sexual energy in this suit. The ace has all of this energy but does not begin to find direction until the two.
This card symbolizes possibilities with both creativity, partnerships it also suggests moving through the door to see what is on the other side.
On the bad side this card can suggest waiting to long and letting the chance pass you by go with the gut instinct follow your passion and enjoy the ride or dance as the book suggests.
When I have meditated on this card the feeling wonder , high energy, and a little foreboding because I did not know what is on the other side

The Two of Cups
We have 2 people the woman dressed in purple with a red sash she catches before it blows behind her and a man dressed in green and is cloak looks to be blowing behind him. Their arms are cross each other both bearing a chalice.
This seems to be at Boyne Valley and what could be New Grange on the hill behind them. The wind seems to be blowing in opposite directions pushing both of their garments behind them. There is also a slow moving river besides them.
The emotional nature of Cups/Water finds someone and they both seems to love it .
This card traditionally means relationships, love, meaning and falling in love with someone.
This card is more about love and relationships then the lover’s card.
On the Bad side with the wind blowing in opposite directions it could mean over thinking a situation trying to find a perfect lover instead of a love that can be an awesome partner with time and patience.

Two of Swords
A woman sits on a stone between two equal paths holding two crossed swords. I believe the woman is blindfolded but we see her from the back not front,
This card has a fast, light moving air at a waiting point. A lot like fire is at a decision, waiting time. But unlike the wands swords is content to take a “wait and see approach ‘and carefully considering the options.
This card is about making a balanced decision and weigh the options keeping your self Balanced and not taking the knee jerk reaction.

Two of Pentacles
There is a woman standing on a rock by the edge of the ocean, she is juggling two pentacles. In the background are two ships in a stormy sea.
This two is about picking one over another juggling pentacles and trying to get as much as you can from the situation can cause you to be without both .
The ships out to sea could capsize at any moment but she is so focused on both disks it does not matter to her what happens.
This could is about making a decision on one option , two jobs two cars sound like fun but there is a cost associated with both that can be to high. Pick one that is right and go with it.

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